How Fun is Spotter Support Paired with Interrogation? Gears 5 Horde

If you haven’t seen how both of these skill cards work together, be sure to check it out. Thanks.


It seems only fun for demo guy…rest of team seem like they just joined the lobby to watch fireworks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s actually pretty fun for us to coordinate with the team on doing this because it’s not super easy to do on Master. Which is another reason that makes it fun. But to each is own on how they like to play Gears. :slight_smile:

I had a guy do this in my Frenzy lobby on Regency yesterday. Was quite funny to see a fireworks display every wave. Very strong as well.

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Nice. It also means Demo doesn’t need a full locker or more of GL’s because just doing the ultimate is self sustaining.

Side question, as I am only just now starting to level my Demo class - does the ammo regen perk apply to explosives ie will it replenish Boomshot and also the grenades in the GL?


Yes it technically does… But it regenerates it at a very abyssmal rate. Think someone did the math and if you have the perk at level 10, it gives back one boomshot/GL rocket per minute or something like that.

Yes the Demo ammo regen perk reloads explosive weapons as well as normal ammo. Once you get it to level 10 it reloads Boom shots instantly.

I think you need to have that perk on for other people to get explosive ammo regenerating as well.

Tactician actually. :wink: They’re the one that does the work, scampering around the battlefield looking for viable meatshield. Demolitions just presses the Y button when the mark icons pop up.

I really enjoy the Tactician role in this arrangement. It’s alot if fun. High risk, high reward. Flashbangs are so important for this for Elite variants. Otherwise the standard punch-punch-kick-meatshield combo tends to work a treat.

I also like having Healing Module and Resupply Amplifier (for the range) as this allows me to drop my ultimate as I go in for a meatshield to increase my damage resistance and healing which can be super helpful.

The only problem is a little glitch which occurs, is if the Demolition’s Artillery Strike kills too many enemies their Confirmed Kill card causes his ultimate counter to go all the way around the clock and doesn’t trigger a fresh new Artillery Strike. They have to wait for it to naturally recharge over time. It doesn’t happen that often. Usually on Juvie and Leech waves as they come in large numbers and the splash damage can lead to lots of them dying.

I think you are referring to the Tactician’s “Explosive Resupply” perk which at 10, does refill everything almost instantaneously - quick enough to keep firing without waiting anyway.

Nagnirnahs - thanks for the info. Sounds like it may not be worth it, whereas perking damage may be a better option.

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3: 23 - This was crazy. Ultimate had just gotten over and 80-90% was already recharged.

Also, good video!

There’s a glitch that occurs if the Confirmed Kill card restores 100% or more of their ultimate though. It causes the counter to go all the way around the clock, doesn’t trigger a fresh new ultimate attack being available, and the clock glitches out and be unaffected by damage, and it only recharges over time instead before it resets itself.

It’s rare though. Most of the time you’ll get below that and then top up the recharge with other explosive and bleed damage which is fine. This glitch only occurs if too many enemies are outright killed by the artillery (indicated by the missile icon on the kill feed. Bleed kills are fine).

That’s amazing, I had no idea.

Probably when juvies and leeches (low health enemies) are near heavies or drones, it may be possible that this glitch could be triggered by this way.

My bad, you are correct. Got my classes mixed up.
I didn’t think the Demo re-supply did explosives but I’m wrong there as well.

I understand and respect your game style :blush: but I think its too much hardwork for clearing the wave and somehow rewarding the demo guy…I understand, your aim is collaboration, team work but later this collaboration turns out to domination of demo guy and other players or just me feel like we are just pawns in demo’s game to fill the squad. ( I am not a fan of watching too much fireworks)Anyway I understand your play style and just wanna ask I know you Said big risk big reward but still thinking wouldn’t be nice for tactician to choose the skill card that tags only agressive enemies instead of meatshielding? I know it tags less compare to interrogate but it requires less effort and by tagging less enemy gives chance for tactician and for rest of the team more grubs to kill :slightly_smiling_face:

… can you guys stop bringing attention to this? Has Uncle Clay taught you nothing?

To be totally fair, TC already know about this. Michael Shannon mentioned this in a Developer’s Stream even before the Interrogation card was released. He specifically mentioned using it in tandem with Spotter Support and that it was a great way for two classes to work together.

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Fair enough, but it’s always hard to tell if something positive was added on purpose or accident.

I think this one is a rare “we had an idea, it makes things easier, and we are cool with that” scenario. And although some will say it is overpowered, you still need a ballsy Tactician and not a complete useless Demo, co-ordinating to get it to work. Easier said than done with non-communicative randoms!

Anyway my demo is still only at level 2 cards, so a fair way off being overpowered in my case.

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Same could be said about Kaits new passive. It’s amazing, but I can already tell that they’re gonna nerf Kaits class into the ground instead of focusing on buffs for chars that could really use some love.

And I did the Keegan part on Harbor once. Grenade pouch really helps since you start off with 8 flashes.

Is it really a glitch when the skill clearly says kills reduce cooldown? Just saying. “Every kill with Artillery reduces the cooldown for the next use by X seconds”.

If anything the fact that then damage doesn’t provide ult cooldown after that is the bugged part. Probably.