How Escape could win me over

I’m a big escape fan(it’s the fastest way I know of leveling my new smurfs to 30). BIG FAN.


Love the mode, never play it. As a single player with randoms the experience is awful. People either want to rush on easy levels or are not prepared to fail and go again. There seems to be no in-between in my experience. I think they had too many skill levels as the easy ones are too easy. I think it would have been better off starting slightly harder as the lowest level.

As someone later to try Escape whenever I tried to play with better players I got carried. Or people got mad because I didn’t know the intricacies of which weapon to pick up and swap for maximum ammo etc etc. That wasn’t fun. I didn’t like those restrictions.

Escape for me is a mode you wanted to have started with a couple of friends and got better and practiced as a team. If you don’t have that the mode just wasn’t worth the time.

Both horde and escape shouldn’t have a grinding card system beyond unlocking it at max Character rank 1-18. As I’ve said time and time again that killed the game and the chance of bringing in new friends. My son loves Gears but doesn’t play it with me because he doesn’t want to play thousands of hours to play masters with me. They turned off new starters.


I understand the fresh designs/gimmicks they were going for in those hives, but yes, execution of their intended concept matters. To this day, I still don’t understand how you’re supposed to play The Onslaught second act, first encounter. Rush? Don’t rush? Hide in the supply room? Use turrets? Everyone crowd-control melee? I’ve been through it obviously for Seriously 5.2, but every run that made it through I never felt like there was an actual plan/tactic that got us through, just luck.

Is it “too hard”? I don’t know. It’s a different kind of hard compared to the optimize-weapon-swapping cases dannyjo22 mentions, but part of the same anti-random, anti-dabbler problem. If the experts who know how to do it understandably get frustrated at repeated failures and quit, and the community’s too small for one to get many chances of finding experts & strategies, it’s self-perpetuating.

Like Slipping Flames, I believe there are more explanations but the meme that “difficulty” was a major factor starting the community implosion is probably not wrong. And next time it might be set on a better trajectory like dannyjo22 suggests: fewer levels of it, and not being so misleadingly easy/different on the lowest level.

Horde will always be part of Gears no doubt, Escape is definitely part of Gears 5 which introduced ultimates, the mode is quite unique and loved by many, having those hives available each week after launch and to be on the leaderboards was great feeling.

not sure if it’ll be included in Gears 6, all depends on campaign, the ultimates were not welcomed by many who love PvE and just wanted previous Gears PvE experiences , i think Gears 5 PvE has been best so far in series.

Brawler says hi.

If you wait for Venom, Blademaster comes really close to hitting that line too.

Gunner solo + basic layout memorization is hyper trivial on most hives.

Brawler was rightfully nerfed, still really good.

Thats the tradeoff. You wait and are rewarded with 3 of your cards actually working. Despite me thinking the class is super duper easy mode it still takes some skill when playing it.

Yeah, ive never liked this so ive never done it.

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A well done Brawler makes most maps real easy.
Also, like others mentioned, Gunner is really good. He can solo The Line very easily (often without even attacking)

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If they just copy back 4 blood for escape ill be happy.

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Here is why escape will not be a mode going forward.

1). It was misrepresented. TC portrayed it as a mode that would appeal to horde speed runners. Umm. No. Not even close.

2). It’s not for casual gamers. I fit into this category mostly. Too complicated and not enough fun. I play something almost every day. Escape has rarely called to me. People want to play an hour or so each night without having to come up with a multitude of complex strategies or memorizing each map spawn to play. It’s simply not a causal mode. Not rocket science either, but not mind numbing enough for a group to join in party and laugh through. Failure is fine. Stupid modifiers for each map is not something casual gamers will care for.

3). Limited ammo or weapon availability is ok, but it’s not a magnetic draw. Like little babies, cute for a while, but you can have them tomorrow night. Casual gamers want to shoot stuff rather than hunt for ammo.

4). Different skill cards needed (sometimes). People have enough difficulty grinding for horde cards. The cards for escape just represent another grind not worthy of their time. Put venom in horde…maybe different.

5). The revive situation. It’s just not cool to watch a game from a pod. It’s why respawn modes are more popular than one life modes. No one logs in to watch others play.

It’s actually a fairly cerebral mode, but that will never attract and retain a large player base. Neat idea that was never designed for the gamer community at large. People play PVE to relax and experience success. Escape offers none of that. People who like sweaty play go PVP. You are left with a minute group.


That’s why I had @GhostofDelta2 remember the spawns for me until I got the lay of the land. At least 99% of the time he remembered.

Ghost: Hockey I know this hive like the back of my ha- WHAT THE F**K IS THAT?


Thats the ghost i know.