How does this make sense! Someone please explain

This so called aim assist is really making me hate this game!!


It’s happened to me too many times to count. The whole game is just a mess…

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The game is a mess, yes, but the killcam is broken so I wouldn’t rely on its accuracy if I were you.


That is simply the gears triangle doing its work. No further explanation needed. Move along, move along.

Im pretty sure the killcam doesn’t reflect server side…the Coalition already said this in a tweet about a week ago. Don’t rely on this to show what actually happened.


TC needs to remove the broken kill cam from the game. it’s useless and does nothing but piss people off.

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It’s not useless. It’s desynced and so were Cod’s killcams. The killcams are horribly done because they don’t show the damage omen or smoke, but they at least show you where they were hiding and other stuff.

They just need to bring back the old deathcam or whatever you call it. this new kill cam is pointless. you could see where they were hiding and other stuff the old way too because it was live in game footage, not this 2-3 second rewind/playback footage.