How does this headshot me

It’s a Sunday, been a few months since i last played PvP. OSOK is a permanent playlist now, i thought why not.
It took me 17 minutes to find a match and about 5 minutes to realise why i don’t bother with PvP anymore.

Look at these screenshots. (Bad quality i know, can’t help it.)

So i’m on the wall and i’m moving along it to the left, i should be out of anyone’s sight lines.

Image 1

There’s a player hiding behind cover where the yellow arrow is pointed, hard to make out but there is.
Now keep in mind where i am, almost all the way on the left side of the wall.

Image 2

Somehow, this game thinks it’s possible for the player indicated by the yellow arrow to headshot me where i am.
Here’s the first frame of me dying, you can see the flash from his sniper.

Image 3

You can also see the super sonic light-beam that he’s fired from his backside moving towards outer space here.

Image 4

From his point of view. (Yeah i know killcams aren’t accurate, that’s not the point.)

Image 10

Right, how am i dying here. In what dark gloomy universe does this reality exist.
Even the Swarm Speaker is so stunned that this headshotted me, his own head exploded in amazement.

I even went into a private game and tested just how absurd this headshot was. So from almost the exact same angle you can barely see my characters head and my character is as far right on the cover as possible.

Image 5.PNG

Image 6.PNG

This is where my character was when i was headshotted.

Image 7.PNG

This is where he would’ve need to have been to be able to headshot me if the game worked.

Image 8.PNG

Even if you leftie-flip your weapon, you’d still only be slightly further back.

Image 9.PNG

This game is so un-skilled. You’re using a precision weapon, a precision weapon.
That shot was closer to Uranus than my head. Terrible players can be good in Gears 5.

Whether this is magnetism, aim assist, adhesion, screen difference, netcode, poor servers or plain wizardry. Maybe a combination of them all or whatever, it needs to be sorted for Gears 6. I’m not making this thread just to moan but to try and highlight the issues that the next game needs to fix and get right.

Also, i get that every Gears game has issues. Right, i’ve played thousands of hours of each excluding Judgement.

Take this clip from UE, i don’t hit Cole in the head but it headshots him anyway.

The Theron in this clip is also not a headshot but it headshots him anyway right.

But there’s something about Gears 5 PvP that makes it so unenjoyable and i can’t quite put my finger on it.
Whether it’s the technical issues, the long matchmaking or the dull tuning. There’s something off about it.


inb4: lagcomp isn’t real and high ping is a disadvantage


I still need to read the rest of the post… but that line alone perked my attention… didn’t know that, because I barely play anymore lmao.

Edit: Ok ya, that’s some straight BS… like you said I can’t even see how that would be magnetism/adhesion either it’s so far off.

He is using Ultra Instinct. Can confirm it gives you unholy powers like the pictures above. Yesterday I went Ultra Instinct and made someone snipe themselves.

That’s erm. That’s pretty painful.

I’ve never had anything that bad happen to me (that seems like some ridiculous ping difference issue), but I have head shotted a T-800 and not killed him.



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Gears ran out of ideas so getting inspiration from Bird Box now lol

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the added insult shows the crit hit on the headshot too


It was back when arcade mode was still a thing, so a very long time ago.


How in the world did you just embed an .mp4?

the ultra instinct goku gif? idunno i used discord copy link it into here


Oh my lord. It actually works.

oh no i taught a new trick

This is the first I’ve ever seen anyone use a gif/mp4 on these forums, and I’ve been here for over a year.

The more you know!

Just torrent things until you have 200ping and get into proleague on the back of it. I believe in you.

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There’s the full clip @Thundy4972

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the hitmarker says it even a headshot lmao

Of course this is true. So glad you agree with me. :wink:

You and Snubbs should look up the implication of inb4 :wink:

You should have read between the lines before you hurried to reply. :wink:
You are still “wishing death upon players with 100+ ping”?