How does the ranking system work?

so I played 5 placements matches Friday got put in Masters #61 was very happy I played crazy good and got MVP like 3/5 games but recently I lost one last night went down to Diamond 3? and then won a game today with MVP and went down diamond 2 I’m confused? I understand why I lost my Masters rank because it’s only top 100 but I don’t get why I’m getting demoted now

There are issues with quitters and a bug from that is negatively impacting the ranking system/leaderboards.

In addition, you seem to need to maintain a certain average otherwise it will demote you even if you win. It seems that longer tougher games often help give you a better score than easily won games.

TC hasn’t released specific details yet so I can only talk from my observations, some of which may be a bit off base.


okay because I’m playing as good as i was when i was placed in Masters now im down to Diamond 1… lol hope they fix before launch

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It also seems to be like a leaderboard, so people can knock off others by continually playing (and doing relatively well).

I hope for a detailed explanation for how it works like what we were given with Gears 4.

yeah but no way I could go from Masters to Diamond 1 in a matter of 5 or less games and same hope we get a better explanation! thanks for help.

Sounds like you were playing at a high level against low ranked or no ranked players during your placement matches then your score per minute dropped off against higher level competition which caused you to lose rank.

they need to fix that or the ranking system will be pointless

Im sure they will FIX the ranking-system. My only worry is: They do not keep special the Diamond 1, 2, 3, 4 and master ranks.

Will be extremely sad if 25% of the playerbase is on diamond instead of 1% =/.

I think the percentage will be the same just easier for people to get into because it seems you can knock someone out

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