How does the ranked system work for competitive 2v2 Gnashers?

Lol the 0-11 one was completely unrealistic. I wish i saved it. I can understand if i wasnt landing solid shots but clearly was since i had 500 points worth of assists only.

That being said I also have matches like this where my shotgun is destroying people from 10 ft away.

One match doesn’t explain anything.

For one, you have a ping advantage.

You play M&K?

They might have had a bad game.

And so on …

Im using an xbox one controller wired.

Yeah you are right though it is one match. It just doesnt feel consistent to me. But maybe its just me. I am over 50% win% now though at least so im tracking well. I was 15 games under 50% now im 5 games over 50%. But I was up to 92% Onyx 3 for the third time now back to 66%. Mainly because the bad matches are killing me. Including matches where my teammates quit or disconnect. I was playing with one guy he disconnected in multiple matches and it took three rounds before the game recognized the disconnect. I had another random that stayed at spawn until after i died in a 2v1 :joy:. So its not all lack of skill.

It could be a whole collection of things best advice from me to you is just play for fun and not ranks, you may eventually get diamond if you just play for fun comp.

Edit: GOW4 will be deserted soon :jack_o_lantern:


Stuff happens to everyone.

I personally had over 90% win rate at least, it’s a shame that the stats weren’t tracked and online needs to give you a breakdown per mode rather than the overall stats it does now.

Good advice! I play because I love the competition! And believe me I know sometimes I truly get defeated! But to me Gears 3 was a lot more consistent. I would like to see Gears 5 have that kind of consistency. The most consistent seems to be when everyones pings are the same. But thats rare.

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The stats page on the website is broken i think it has shown my win rate to be 51% since 2016 XD


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I can see my gnasher stats separately on the Execution tab. Only due to the fact that I havent played any Execution. My KOTH win% is a lot lower.

Yeah im just not good enough to overcome the randomness yet. Maybe next season. Its not my first plateau. I will eventually get there. Im never going to win 90% of my matches. But i like playing great players because I believe that is how you get better, win or lose.


And this is why Rank doesn’t matter.

It’s why I looked to play at a disadvantage and accept it over not playing.

Rather it’s not tipped in my favour and easy but winning when it’s difficult is the only way to get better.

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also it’s as you said you like playing back as a support player and ultimately unlike 2v2 gnasher only in games like TDM and Escalation you can probably get diamond in no time since you would win alot of games. Alot of the TDM/Escalation game depends heavily on crossing (support roles). You get a good team with comms and you can win lots of games.

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It could be about how well you do. But I played 2v2 with a person and I did as well as them. Splitting MVP and I was actually doing better in total kills. I was playing on my wife’s account to get her some rank. And for whatever reason I get a lower rank.

I can also say it works this way in Arms Race. I have a 67% win rate in that. I get MVP often. My sons have 60% and 59% win rates respectively. The first is Onyx 1 and the other is Onyx 3. I am Gold 3. Strange that I would play 3 matches, all wins, and get MVP all 3 times waiting on them and actually rank down. I was single digit deaths and 25+ kills each time. Then we play together, win 6 straight, their percentage climbs, I get MVP 4 times, and I stick while they get percentage. No reason for it.

My one son had MVP 6 straight one day. I was third each time with the other son of mine 2nd. We won all those. The one that got MVP was the Onyx 3. We won against teams with Diamond rank players. And he actually lost rank.

What was worse is we beat one of these diamond players 3 of those games. And we played the next day and the player had went from diamond 1 to diamond 2. Very hard to gain rank like that. Some will say that is crap but you cannot deny our win percentage or how well we do. At the rate I am going it will not be long before I will be at 70% win rate. And the highest I have ever been is Gold 3. A majority of my MVP ribbons have been in Arms Race too. Even in KotH it was like this. We played a good bit one season. I was MVP and had a better k/d than my oldest son who was playing in the games with me. And he got to Onyx 3 while I never topped Gold 1. All while outplaying him. Just some strange stuff.

I mean you cant rank down in wins. Absolutely impossible. I have had some pretty bad matches that I have won and never saw a percent loss. Your background rating can go down in a win or loss but your actual rank cant go down.

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I just started playing TDM. Im Silver 1. They are pitting me against all diamonds and onyx 3. I guess that confirms your skill rating carries over to other game modes. I know someone mentioned that the website says otherwise. Im still adjusting as i mostly play KOTH and Gnashers and its a little more campy in TDM. I might try some escalation next season. The good news is that no matter how i perform i go up on wins since they everyone is higher rank than me. Obviously I go up more if I perform well.

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You know,

TC have said they can build a good initial SR from as little as 3-4 games.


It’s about team balance when Matchmaking decides who goes where.

It will happily put a Bronze/Silver with a few diamonds against an all Onyx Stack.

Because to a computer, the numbers are fair - overall it’s balanced.

In principle, the bronze against all Onyx’s is going to do very little.

I dont mind I will adjust and move up quicker. I just aim
For a positive K/D in TDM and I have done my job.

Its been every match though i havent faced anyone my rank. So its obvious skill rating is how matchmaking is done and not rank which i always assumed to be the case.

its a bit about both its when you do real good to rank you up faster they put you vs better players to see if you belong there an you have to keep showing it you do belong there and have someone else drop me i never played koth till i needed to re up 10 for this challenge so when i did my placement i got bronze 2 and now im like one game from onyx 1 or 2 cant remember was in promotion didnt really know the mode how to play it coming from just tdm and execution being onyx to dia in those modes. like me even when i just cross fire and highlight i rank up just not as fast but hey i won right thats what really matters.


To rank up in Gnashers you need to win and you need to win against teams your expected to lose against. Same as every other mode. And you need to be pretty consistent. The consistency is my issue right now. Im either on fire or complete garbage.