How does the ranked system work for competitive 2v2 Gnashers?

I’m so confused. I just finished playing with a friend, we are both onyx 3 trying to get diamond. I started at 74%, he started at 76%. how is it that after we played for about 3 hours he ended at 97% while I was at 81%? Mind you there was a period of time for 7 wins in a row where my percentage stayed at 87% every time, and his was climbing in the nineties. We thought mine was just going to update later, but lo and behold we lost a match and my percentage DROPPED to 85%. It was so dumb. its not like during the 7 matches I was under performing or we were facing people ranked lower, because we won against diamonds and onyx 3’s. I may not have gotten MVP, but that’s mainly because I like to be a supportive payer and get the cross shots/downs for my teammate. I even got MVP to test out whether my percentage would increase or not, and it still stayed the same.

I just want to know how I’m supposed to raise my percentage for sure each win so I don’t ever have to deal with that again,

2v2s really rewards the aggressive player if you are two stacking.

You state you like to stay back and cross.

So that means the game recognises your partner as the more aggressive player, especially if they end up getting the kills.


If you are dropping percentage, then you are not playing as expected during the wins or others in the same rank and percentage are doing better than you as well as those below you.

Again, if you are aiming for Diamond, you have to be the aggressive player, getting the kills, not dying and also winning the game as close to 7-0 as possible.

For me,

To see gains, I have to get double digit kills per game, or very close to and ideally a 7-0 or 7-1 game.


This could be why you moved less than your friend and your past bad performance will hold you back slightly until you start preforming more consistently. On top of those issues you have be the top player in the room every game you play to overcome any really bad previous games.

Onyx 3 is also aparently one of the hardest teirs to break out of. I would not know from personal experiance because I have never made past gold 3 in any playlist except TDM which a placed onyx 2 in season 1. I then had so many bad games playing solo that i am know at gold 2 and cant seem to ever get back into onyx anything.


Thank you for the timely responses. So according to what you guys said, the only way for BOTH me and my teammate to rank up is for both of us to be aggressive not die and win by large margins such as 7-0 7-1 etc. That’s doable but … very challenging given the competition we face on a daily basis. I’ve noticed that when we play if I’m on a hot streak and getting all the kills and we’re winning I’d go up after a few matches and then when I cool down and my teammate gets hot he’ll go up and I’d stay the same. I also wanted to ask, what’s the deal with Gold players playing like diamonds and diamond players playing like Gold’s ? Aren’t those diamonds getting carried? If so how do they manage it because I know whoever is carrying them is being aggressive and getting all the kills

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Smurfs. And you will only be seeing more of them as TC continues their idiotic crusade against high ranked PC and EU players


Yeah, this is to be expected. You will have ranked higher when you first start to play, given that there are few losses stacked against you, but as you progress, you increase your losses, thus making it harder and harder to reach higher ranks, or even ranks that you previously held.
I first started playing in season 3, and I ranked Onyx 2. But it wasn’t until this season that I was able to get back (and finally surpass) that rank


It’s difficult for both of you to hit Diamond at the same time, from my experience.

If you both play exactly the same, it’s causes the problem of are you getting better or proving yourself better than your current ability to rank up and both being similar in rank.

As in, you have two Onyx 3s playing the same - the whole point is that you need to prove you are beyond this to see the gains and move up.

Like I said,

Ideally, you need to personally be hitting double digits and winning 7-0 or 7-1 to maximise your chance of getting into Diamond.

You can experiment with playing differently and it may work,

I can only tell you from my experience and from what I have seen.

Either I be dominant and get the % or my teammate is dominant and gets the %.

Playing equally normally results in no % increase - especially near the border of Diamond.


Can you expand on that? It bugs me because I was playing earlier as an onyx 3 and went 14 and 7 MVP but still lost to this gold one and onyx 1 team that played like diamonds (accurate bounces and shots with an adaptive mindset) so my percentage dropped from 85% to 81%. I don’t see the point of trying to get diamond if setbacks that big happen so carelessly.

My friend and I got Diamond 5 together around the same time by queuing together.

It is definitely slower this season when you queue with a teammate compared to last (getting stuck for several games at the same percent), but it’s still doable for sure.

My best advice to people who want to rank up: ignore trying to play a certain style and just play to win. If you happen to play defensively and win, just do that.

You will rank up slower if your teammate gets better scores, but unless your teammate is so good that he carries every game regardless of your low scores, you’ll need to pull your weight anyway. The weight that you’ll inevitably have to pull to win should be enough to rank up.

Oh one last thing, personally I ranked up much quicker on a second account by solo queuing. If you’re fine with solo queuing and good enough to still win most of your games, do that to rank up quickest.


Haha yeah, I’m solo queuing as we speak, It’s just a gamble whether or not my teammates will be alright or not compared to the competition. Is there a specific reason why multiple games can pass and my percentage never goes up even though we are winning and getting MVP?

Now that is the million dollar question. There are Nobel prize winners that can’t answer that question. :wink:

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There are several reasons this happens.

  1. A lot of higher ranked players could not find games so they made alternates to get games. If the higher levels are not playing then they are not moving down as fast as if they did playing and losing games. This means that lower ranks have to get even bigger performance numbers to push the high leveled players out of the higher levels. This happens because TC decided that games over time dont affect ranking and took games over time out of the equation.

What games over a length of time would do if it where still part of the equation it would mean that you would derank faster if you quit playing for weeks at a time. Somepeople will do this now and rank high early in the season and then just stop playing that game mode until the next season. Their rank still drops as other players pass them but their rank can hold for a whole season if they ranked diamond 5 early on and quit playing to preserve that rank.

  1. Your past bad games count against you. This sucks and why some have been asking for ranks to be reset to like we just started playing every season. Some think that this will help with people that change and adapt to get better every season.

  2. If you lose to a team that is ranked lower than your team sometimes it can negate a good performance because you performed at your expected skill level but lost so your rank went up slighty for your performance but also went down slighty because you lost to a lower ranked team. The fastest way to see gains is to win against higher ranked teams and not to lose to lower ranked teams.

This is practically impossible to judge because they dont show ranks before the match. Your best option I would say is to stay teamed with your friend and just win alot of games. It might take longer this way and you probably wont hit it in season 6 but you could if you played a lot and win a lot of games in a row.

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This has been answered several times.

MVP and Winning does not guarantee % increase.

For example,

In 2v2,

If you are taken to 7-6 against lower ranks and you just manage to edge MVP.

Is that worth percentage?

No, it’s not.

You can play really good and that might be as expected by the system.

You have to surpass what was expected.


Point 3 isn’t exactly correct.

You can put in a performance worthy of an increase even when you’ve lost.

You won’t see gains straight away but will be there next time you win, provided you don’t play badly to remove those gains.


You don’t only just rank up by playing in a higher ranking squad.

You can equally beat a lower rank team, play well enough, and gain percentage.

People have “boosted” to Diamond by doing this, all the way to D5.

Look at your rank as a trend of recent games rather than just one game at a time. You have a background rank which is affected differently than the one you see on the website. The background one determines how much you go up on a win or down on a loss.

If you get MVP for the first time after 5 games, you’re not trending as well as you think.


Unfortunately with the ranking system not working to the full extent, smurfs have become the norm as well as because of the bad matchmaking, smurfs got my friends to D5 in boxes because someone would just play terribly during the smurfs placements and then they’d be bronze 1, have extremely low skill rating and then join a higher ranked player where the higher ranked player would never be expected to win, and then just win and see huge % increases, Main reason we did this is because of winning multiple games in a row and not gaining % which shouldn’t happen unless you go 7-6 against low ranked players.

Last season after hitting Onyx 3, I beat Rezik from Ghost Gaming and had 12 kills and more points than my diamond teammate, no % increase, also think pros should have their own rank, allow them all the skins without requiring them to play terrible game modes, and have their rank be extremely high skill rating and beating them should allow a fairly big % input, unless his team is truly, truly awful, which from what I’ve seen, isn’t the case most of the time

Much of what the comments here state are true, yet this whole system i believe could be updated and made much better while always rewarding players with a sense of progression.

When i first got my PC in mid April i played 2v2s (previously i was onyx 1 or 2) i starting going up percentages and in the course of 2-3 days i hit diamond 4 98% before that i could not go up ranks even though i was still performing good. Anyways i was much better on PC. Never really got Diamond 5 after a while but i guess that’s because you never really find diamond 4s or 5s in 2v2 since this game’s community already plays occasionally if at all because of mistakes and the stale content.

All this is coming from a 06 player. On the bright side i’m sure everyone here with me is pumped on news for Gears 5 coming in the following week. I’m hoping when they show the versus aspect of gears in july it will have many modes, gametypes in order to keep the community from dwindling up until the release of Gears 6 which is probably in another 3-4 years.

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The ranking system works well. What is broken is the matchmaking and lag compensation. I am perfectly fine with the ranking system remaining the same. But the inconsistently of the shotgun speed and hit registration is unbelievable. I just had a 2v2 match yesterday where i had 0 kills and 11 deaths with 500 assist points. This was right after i had a 17 kill match. I dont care about having a super shotgun every match. I just want consistently so I can actually enjoy the game.

I know players who perform consistently every single match.

No matter the connection.

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Lol then they are better than me thats for sure. If my shotgun is doing 17% damage on a headshot going to be hard to win.

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