How does the "Random" weapon option work in Arcade?

For the characters who buy random weapons with their skulls in Arcade, do the more expensive ones give better weapons, or is it all totally random?

I assumed maybe each option gave a random weapon from within a cost-appropriate bracket. But I’m pretty sure I’ve had the Buzzkill from both 4 skulls and 6 skulls, so now I’m not sure.

Anyone know how it works?

It isn’t completely random, each options had pools to draw from. Some weapons are definitely in the 6 and 4 pool. I am not sure if some weapons are in both the 2 and 4 pool.


Ah ok, that makes sense. Cool, thank you :slight_smile:

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What I personally don’t understand is the point of picking a character having random weapons, especially when you have to spend the same amount of skulls as normal characters for weapons that are much less efficient in general.

Am I missing something ?

I got Overkill from 2 and 4 skulls.

JD / Drone is supposed to be middle ground, the class that can have absolute any weapon in the game. But also has unique chance of getting Lancer Grenade Launcher or Claw which seems pretty powerful from 6 skulls.

But I don’t think it’s less efficient than other characters. It takes Marcus / Grenadier, 4 skulls for Gnasher Shotgun. But JD / Drone can make Overkill with 2 or 4 skulls, which has longer gib range than Gnasher.

It’s more like being Jack of all Trades, with different play styles and range, adjusting depending what random weapon you get.

I stil think it is a poor choice, considering opponents have the same level as you
They just have to pick Grenadier or Sniper and they can predict how they have to play, unlike you and they still got strong starting weapons.

One skull cheaper would be better imo.

Sniper has Lancer. CQB has Enforcer. But you can still use Lancer though.

But the main difference comes in passive bonuses. Sniper won’t flinch. CQB has longer slide distance. You would automatically spot opponents, shooting you.

Lancer still feels better to shoot than Enforcer anyway.

It’s still a good class if you want to try mix and match weapons, rather than picking them up off floor. You get to try every weapon, without really needing to change hero.

Yeah random weapon character is a good way to discover the game.

Lancer is good but Imo Enforcer + Snub covers every range better