How does the new ranking system work?

So like how’s the point system? How does in game score convert to leaderboard points? How do players even lose points? Is there anymore diamond-bronze tiers anymore?

Someone please explain

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I would love to know myself. I’m playing it and I still don’t understand. There’s a total score…and milestones at each with rewards given…it’s an accumulated score.

But that means people can just play non stop and reach top 1000…which means the people who play the most will get the rewards.


this was basically the problem with the previous ranking system.


I mean, that may be the case, if you could actually rank up atm lol


you still have SBMM to get even match ups.

the leaderboard it simply that, play, get more points.

it’s Gears 3 Ranked basically

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I think it is just your standard cumulative scoreboard.

He who has the least life (or best boosting skills) will reign supreme.


For real? Competitive is simply the more you play the higher you get? You can’t lose points?


Honestly, the last 5 comp matches I’ve played gave me modern warfare flashbacks. They were super sweaty and I’m wondering how much they tweaked the sbmm.


I agree. The sbmm felt very sweaty for the 5 matches I’ve played so far. I hope this is not an issue for the rest of the season.


TC did mention the entire system was being reset so it might take a while to get the correct placements of players to where they should be.


But how do you beat that which has no life?

Where do you look for points by the way? As in your own. I have played a few matches and seem to still have zero points, or I just am not looking very well lol.

Edit: Never mind. It just took the game a long time to start counting my matches lol.

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It really makes no sense. I want to know how one person can get 400000 points per round?


The new rank system sucks can’t even see your own or teammates or opponents rank I guess…Feels like quickplay.


Well I played competitive and yet to be awarded points for my play. Another good job TC. It dosent work! Like everything else in this game

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Gears is my baby. It’s my go to after a long day. I love it. But I’m gonna vent here for a sec. Wtf is with the new playlist layout? I get things change, but now I’ve lost both my favorite mode and my Onyx rank. I’m not exactly thrilled.


the more you sit and play the higher you go, you only lose points when you stand up from your chair.

seriously, the only way to go down is to have someone overtake you by playing more than you or boosting.

this will get so interesting the last day of the operation, because people will lose out on top 1000 rewards due to people playing 24 hours straight and/or boosting.

yes, you have to stay top 1000 not just make it. i think TC will have to change this for obvious reasons.

@Knockout2487 yeah, im not even sure we will get any tryhard matches like this. it’s just gonna throw anyone vs anyone. i know about the "hidden’ skill/rank but im not sure that will be enforced like before. i loved when getting masters was more difficult and it meant only sweaty matches.

Well, I was in a match and it was dissolved due to a quitter and I lost points.

Tbh is yet to be defined, EVERYONE is starting from scratch (like bronze) and supposedly is not only going to be on how much you play but also your player skill (K/D, damage, wins/looses etc). I mentioned “to be defined” because everyone is playing so there is not enough data to make equally skill matches.

I guess is to avoid the past “fake masters” + also the toxicity of people watching your rank and blaming a bad match due to “not playing according to your rank”

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maybe better rewards. the top1000 is fine for a diehard group that’s willing to do this

coins, xp and a banner is a step back from the previous system. put some better stuff in those 100K, 500K, 1M tiers.


Well, it feels like Ranked is gone. What we have instead is just an eternal grind that rewards the most dedicated players (not the best players).

However, I love it this way much more and here is why:
1- The last Ranked system was terrible. Gear points was the worst addition they made (Every assist counting as a kill). Now we get to see who really is the best player in the lobby.

2- Competitive focuses exactly on that, competition. No more playing for ranks, no more playing for labels. It’s about competing to be come the best at that particular match you’re playing, that’s it.

I feel like making the game focus on gameplay and less about ranks/skins, makes the game intrinsically fun.

In the mean time I’ll be ignoring the leaderboards and I’ll be focusing on the sweaty, high quality matches to come.