How does the MMR work?

I just got mvp of the match on TDM and lost both rounds and lost 100 points.

I get my kills stolen constantly cuz I am in silver with a bunch of scrubs and am also wondering if that contributes to points lost

How does it work? I bet not even TC knows how, the alternative being they messed up again.

As for being Silver, judging from forum posts a vast majority is stuck in there. I started in S2 and no matter what I do nothing changes. Lose and see the % go down, win and get some back but after a while, being mvp changes little, still stuck.

High KD above all not eliminations but actual kills, MVP and Smooth Operator (plus winning rounds but not necessarily the match depending on which team is favored) have the biggest impact on rank. You need to consistently do better than your teammates and enemy team in the KD department.

How do we know you aren’t the scrub stealing the kills???

Lol I jest, its actually pretty bad.

It just flat out is not working correctly right now. The math and logic is there, just something is stopping it from working correctly.

For example:

I, like many others am in silver purgatory. I have a friend who is Gold 2 (an entire tier above me).

The other day him and I beat a team that was favored over us by 3k points. I was MVP, he was 3rd on our team. He got 80+ points, I got 16+ points. This isn’t how it’s intended to work. If I am a lower tier than him, and I do better than him, I should always be rewarded with more points than him.

This is one of thousands of pieces of anecdotal evidence that people have shared on this. I personally think it has something to do with the bugged servers when the game launched, the same thing that caused achievements to get locked. So it probably wont be fixed until season 2.

they need to fix that the culture of letting people get their own downs has been gone since gears 4 came out

Yeeeaaah that’s an entirely different topic that gets pretty messy, kill stealing has been an issue forever in this community (definitely way before Gears 4). All I can recommend is getting more gibs or even steal other peoples kills.

Proper match points/rewards will probably be better next season. It wasn’t until Season 2 in Gears 4 that the matchmaking started to level out too