How does the card rewards in Escape work?

Ive been running the Descent as it is a 3 act map for Cards, at each Act it seems your gain 2 cards, but suddenly it dropped to 1. This means that the normal rewards is 1 card per act and you gain 1 card extra until you fullfill that abilities cap? So in the end its just better to just go for higher difficulties straight up to gain more rarer cards instead of using your extra cards for lower rarity cards?

Alot of it seems to be performance along with difficulty setting. That color chart that comes up for the mutators you set on kinda shows it. I seem to get a purple for mvp more frequently and just picking people up alot. Insane seems to give you a few decent ones. Sometimes I get 2 sometimes it’s like 4 or 5. MVP usually gives me at least one decent one.

The scrap is rough in this game so it’s a challenge leveling the cards. We are basically limited to drops atm. Once you get leveled up a bit, I recommend insane for some better drops. Or at least elite. Escape is super grindy for xp and cards the higher you level. Still love it though.