How does TC expect me to not get bored with FFA when there’s only 3 maps

As a person who plays solo the FFA game mode should be appealing to me. It would be in fact, if only we hadn’t been stuck playing the same 3 maps for nearly a YEAR. Not only that, but all 3 of these maps are basically exactly the same. They’re exactly the same in the sense that they all suck and look identical to each other.

FFA on normal maps shouldnt even be something we have to ask for. Again, who in god’s name at TC thought that 3 maps for a year would be good enough. Obviously that wouldnt fly for any other game mode, so why would it fly for FFA. The decision-making for Gears 5 still leaves me completely bewildered.

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They are busy making Escape and Horde maps with the same way… :roll_eyes:

Did u watch the latest dev stream ??
Theres some info about ffa.

They’re planning on bringing some of the smaller MP maps to FFA. I think this may be the only case where playing pahanu would be enjoyable.

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How about Gears Judgement FFA maps? Gondola, library. I forget the others.

Just give them about 8 more months, I’m sure it will be up to 4 or 5 by then.

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I actually can’t play FFA. Simply I can’t find any matches

FFA… just another game mode that should never be in Gears.


What do you mean? It’s literally one of the best game modes so far in gears 5.

It’s been a year since FFA was released, any reasonable person would’ve expected at least one new map since they are just recycled escape maps

The game hasnt even been out a year


I couldnt care less about FFA, gm modes trash as far as im concerned, i just dropped a comment in here regards the latest dev stream incase ppl didnt see it.

Thers only been 2 “new” maps been added to pvp, u think they gona waste time on ffa making seperate maps?? I dont think so.

More like 7.5 months.

Still, I think I’d play FFA if it were on the regular maps, with smaller numbers of players. This would solve 2 problems at once - the lack of map variety, and the annoyingly long wait times to get enough players in to have a meaningful game.