How does slowing movement speed adding skill to the game?

Good movement is already taken out of the game. Rodie run shot, wall bounce shotty battle. Side roll is now a death roll. OK. So I been playing Gears since Gears 1 and so on. I’m not just a “Gears 4 player”. So someone please explain with this far arcade GIB range. How is slowing movement speed adding skill to the game? With this far GIB range the slide how the speed is now it’s hard to make a miss on a 1 v 1. Not to mention multiple enemies How is this making any sense?

Aim assist is still there. They just adjusted auto aiming. Everything else is still there. So to make up for the slight skill they brought back to the game TC wants to slow down player movement to help you aim? If TC wants to slow down the game. OK. Whatever. You have to make the GIB range short. Or all of this is just a waste of time! And did anyone really need 8 shots? With this GIB range shotty battles do not last that long! Why not load shotty with 12 shots? Who cares? No skill!

Solution? Small GIB range, Turn down % of bullet magnetism. Turn down % of Poke damage. Its Way too high! Make smaller hit boxes. A headshot should actually be a head shot. Not close by! Take out wall cancel. Bring skill back into rank play. If you want to have bigger GIB ranges being able to head gnasher shot from across the map with out aiming, Or hyper wall bouncing till you get cramps in your fingers. Or curving bullets behind walls, or having 12 shots in your shot gun clip. Then play player matches and have some arcade fun. Has no place in Rank play. 9 months after launch and the player base has to fight to bring skill in the game. This should not be an issue. No brainer!

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