How does ranking work?

In KOTH I lost 2 out the 5 placement matches but was placed in silver 3. Then lost another and went to gold 1. Is performance also a factor in ranking?

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Very summarized version:

  1. Your first placement will be much lower than your real ranking. The idea is that you have to grind up to the ranking you deserve so that you don’t immediately get bored
  2. Your performance matters a lot
  3. You can only go up on a win and only go down on a loss. Doing well while losing means that on your next wins, you will go up more than you otherwise would have. Doing poorly while winning means that on your next losses, you will go down more than you otherwise would have
  4. Every round counts. 2-1 isn’t the same as 2-0. 3-5 isn’t the same as 0-5
  5. If you’re at 100%, you will promote to the next Tier within 2 hours. No need to keep playing
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Thanks man. The ranking system is strange but at least I have a basic understanding of it.

The issue is that you got demoted before you even rejoined. Aside from that rare occurrence (which is obviously an oversight when they implemented the rejoin feature), what I said is correct. The only reason you went down is because the game considered it a loss before you even rejoined. You have to remember that the game didn’t even used to let people rejoin. So when they added that feature, I bet they just didn’t take rank drop into consideration.

As for the rest of your post, no offense but I didn’t read it. I’ve seen the complaints too many times at this point. I skimmed the first bit of it and you should probably post it here:

No problem. It’s absolutely confusing because they have not only a visible ranking (such as Gold 1), but also a background ranking. I wrote my thoughts on it here:

I think it’s worth reading if you start to think the ranking system is BS, like most people do

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