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How Does Ping Work?

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In other major title games, lower ping means smoother consistency and gameplay. Its your message signal to the server, in gears forget it. This company has their net coding so jacked up to benefit lag spiking players, it literally hurts lower ping consistent players. The lag compensation is out of control since this company but the fact is its to cater to their number one client, latin america. You take a major title like halo and when they went on the forums complaining that their ping spikes made the game hard to play, the company said we’re not changing the netcode, tough luck. They cant move, shoot,teleport etc with the spikes. Gears on the other hand caved in an instant and said what can we do to cater to your bad connections. Lets bog the whole game down and break it for everyone. The coding is atrocious in this game, i often wonder where thry found their programmers. They lie alot too, quality based, its catered to poor internet. Anything to keep gow 4 in those internet cafes. Its like the sandbox vs college when you look at gears to halo. This franchise took a giant step backwards with 4. I got a feeling people will experience much the same song and dance in 5, play a few months and shelf it. Theres so many games out there with coding that does not cater to lag compensation, try one out. The game still crashes constantly for my pc friend, so he just uninstalled it. A dude my friend knows cant find a match in europe cause of “region” locks, but when i play a rare game im in with lag spiking southern flavor everytime. The game becomes so broken i became used to having to shoot people 3 to 4 times point blank for kills to their one. Just makes no sense to me man. Whole time lags goin up and down and the games lettin them roll through, nades, gnasher, drop, you name it. How do you win a shooter when the guns dont work? Games a joke. How can halos graphics run like they do, not lag out, handle a huge battlefield, and play smooth. Or even battlefield or blacl ops? Gears doesnt have nearly the number of people or operations a nimations some of those games do going on during a match, but once the spike starts the game has a panic attack and takes it out on everyone but the spikers. Its programmed to do it that way. Dont believe this companys lies, they know who broke it, but theyre the only ones left playing it.

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TLDR please space it out <3

@III_EnVii_III is a good editor ask him for help on your essays :joy:

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That was so damn nice of you to take time out of your day to make it easy for me to read. I can say you are one of the nicest person on the foru— sniff forums. Sorry, sniff i couldn’t hold back my tears of joy.

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Aw your welcome :blush::blue_heart::v:

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I always notice this. I have consistently low ping. As do my sons that I play this with. Well, there have been a number of matches were we were winning and a player or two on the other team will go from normal lower ping to high ping every time you start combat. Not a coincidence.

And it sucks because you can be shooting them in Arms Race with an active lancer as well as a teammate and they will bum rush in with their high ping and kill you. I would get 8 shots for some stupid percentage from a whole mag. And my teammate gets some single digit shots to count with all hitting as well and low percent. We both die as does another teammate. So we go from up a few guns to way down because of this. And this exact thing is why I mostly stopped with KotH.

Never fails if we hit a team. Especially if they are higher ranked. Had a number of diamond ranked players doing this. Either they are just lucky and their pings go crazy in combat every time they are losing or something is up on their end.

Then again we get a bunch of hate messages on Gears (not much on other games) because our tags are Spanish sounding. And often from these players.


You have wayyyyyyyy too much time on your hands envii…

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What can I say, stress free life :wink:


Well, i’m currently in my pjs and drinking a Mountain Dew…

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Just got back from watching Detective Pikachu with some friends - was ok, not enough violence for my liking though.

And, I think I only drank MD once in my life, can’t say I liked it :sweat_smile:

Now Pepsi Raspberry however :ok_hand:

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Ty you Envii! I was in a party with Krylon, Mo, and Reaper yesterday and the game crashed for Mo like 3 times in one match. A diamond 4 uninstalling it, i felt so bad for that dude. Guy goes out, buys a new graphics card, does everything to try to fix it, game still crashes. Dudes lancering everyone saying take the kill im gonna help cap, those are the guys you wanna see get the diamond 5. As far as im concerned t.c. spit in that dudes face, couldnt even give him a working piece of software. hard times.

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Damn, that’s harsh!

I’ve not crashed once myself since I’ve been on the newer cards.

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Everytime he gets close to that diamond 5, it seems like the game wigs out. And to that Guerrero gentleman, last name and race are irrelevant, exactly what you said, “when they start losing, they start spiking”

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See what you do here is get on the blazeabagos wireless and load up gears…

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Don’t mess with Baba Yaga! :skull_and_crossbones:


My brother just said that, with Wick 3 coming out this weekend, the Federal Government should implement “common sense pencil laws”

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'Tis True.

Might also want to add “common sense pen laws and paper laws” as well.

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i accept nothing more than 0 ping lmao