How Does Ping Work?

How Exactly Does it work because either im not understanding or Ping simply Isn’t correct. From my experience lower ping is better but in this one particular match seems it was non existant.

EDIT: I actually know how it works i was just venting.

Lower is better but Gears from my experience has an aggressive Lag Comp system.


Every game has lag comp to a degree however gears seems to be the only that favors high ping over low ping…plenty of times in 2v2 I’d end a round with a kill trade for it to be a win on the high pinger side …it’s just ludicrous…it doesn’t make sense for your ping to say u have a better connection to the server but yet your shot registers later than the high ping player shot does


This is an aggressive Lag Comp System.

TC know a lot of their player-base have high pings.

Therefore, they want to cater to these players in expense of the lower ping players.

Which is why they bizarrely said 250ms ping is acceptable online.

I remember when I heard this and I was lucky I wasn’t drinking a nice warm cup of English Breakfast Tea because it would have been spat out in disbelief :sweat_smile:


Oh trust me I remember when they said it too lmao :joy: damn near spit my coffee out myself…it was horrendous when the kill trades first game out with players gunning you while not even facing you…if I have 5 ping I should never be allowed to face against a player with 250ping…let alone the ones that go from 80 to 350 spiking every time they are in a shootout…like I’ve said before one can only hope this is solved in gears 5…I understand being a fast paced game there is always gonna be a bit of shot registration issues as has been the life of gears…but gears 4 is by far the worse in this aspect in my opinion


I remember playing Halo 3 as a big online game and the shotgun worked flawlessly every time, for me at least.

Go onto gears with a low ping and it’s all over the place!


Highest ping wins

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Some days I feel like downgrading my internet package to dial up just for gears​:joy::joy::joy: but then I remember how mad I used to get with how slow it was back in the day and I scrap the idea all together :joy:

When i do get good ping i perform pretty well though.


I always prefer low ping personally, but there are some high ping warriors out there for sure :sweat_smile:

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Ping means different things in different games…but in general it is how long it takes to send packets of info through the servers.
Some games show ping as a 1-way “how long does it take to send this info” type thing.
G4 on the other hand does a “full loop”. IE: how long it takes to send to server + server process time + send back to player. This somewhat accounts for the fact that G4 pings appear higher than some other games.

There are inherently some advantages to having high-ping, and also some advantages to having low-ping.

TC tries to put a cap on ping in most modes.
There is also “lag-compensation” as some people put it. The bulk of this is basically just a “trade-window”. So if we both shoot at approximately the same time, we’ll both die…as opposed to the player with lower ping always winning out.

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Thanks for clearing that up i didn’t know that about the gears 4 part. Yet in this particular game and some others (although rare) The players with the much higher ping (which fluctuated between 180-350 even 400) seemed to always have the upper hand and i’m pretty good at gears having played for 13 years!

Maybe it showed they had very high ping but it actually was calculated differently and in reality had low ping but showed high for some reason. Also they never lagged at all in the game, in fact they were moving very smoothly which is why it was strange.

The trade window is broken. plenty of times i fired at the same time as the other player and i always get gibbed.

I wasn’t meant to tell you this but the game did let slip that it’s chosen to annoy you on purpose with this.

I’m so sorry to break this news to you.

I can feel that lol​:joy::joy:
It’s not often but there have been times where I feel it should have been a trade and it wasn’t
I mean that in both ways too as in there’s times I feel I should have gotten the kill at same time As guy who killed me and times where I did get the kill and got full red omen by the player but I feel dude should have traded with me it seemed that close

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Imma try cuz I been wanting to play with @David but I’m bout to start a new job within 2weeks so I’m not too sure what my time availability is gonna be on the 25 26 27

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Ah ok. Hopefully you can make it and get some games with @DAVID_THE_CLOWN and everyone else!

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Its gonna be awesome!

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Fixed it for you