How does Gears 5 Ranking System work

I was wonder if anyone know how the ranking system works in gears 5 I’ve been stuck in s2 but gotten 5 wins in a row can someone explain it?


I know what you mean. It’s definitely a lot harder to climb ranks in the lower tiers compared to gears 4. At the end of the match when you’re looking at the overview go to where it shows you rank with the percentage on the little card and click on it. It will give you a break down of your rank points by round. It seems like it’s very much geared towards personal performance more so than wins although wins also matter a bit. I’ve had games where I’ve gotten several hundred points off of lost rounds and only a few points from won rounds. So for example in tdm if you win 2-1 and go 6-1 the first round but 1-8 the 2nd round, then the bad rounds negative points will probably outweigh the good rounds positive points. I mean, I’m glad they’re actually showing players the breakdown but I do think it’s a bit harsh. I had a game of guardian last night where I lost 0-3 and ended up losing 1200 points when the game before I won 3-0 going 31-2 and only gained 600 that round. So from my point of view I do think the ranking system is rather harsh, especially in the lower tiers like silver. It is possible to rank up every match unlike it was in g4 but you have to consistently do extremely well. 1 bad loss will take away 3 strong wins worth of rank progression. It harsh and hopefully it gets some tweaking but I’m pretty sure TC has more urgent issues to deal with before they fine tune the game.


Is there anyway to see that information from the main menu, the website or anywhere but the post game screen?

I like analyzing stats, but there isn’t enough time to do it when you’re playing with friends and you have the rolling lobbies going

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Yeah after the match while you’re in the lobby hit X and it should show you the breakdown from the last game you played.

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this system is a #$"%#$ leaver, leaver, leavers


Point system is trash. Playing with my cousin im on pc and hes on xbox. I would do better than him and still he would get more points. One game he got 750 points and i only get 140 and i was right below him on the scoreboard. Maybe the system excepts pc players to play better? Idk i def the like the system.

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Or maybe it’s not just about your place on the scoreboard.

I don’t understand it either. I think they favor your KD. Kill points as a ratio to total points. Tbh idk but I stopped playing tdm because of it. I’m a support player and get a lot of assists and I can’t get over 150 points. I was an onyx 2 in gears four almost an onyx 3. Can’t get out of silver three. Doesn’t matter how well I do or how many wins I’ve gotten. I think we need to take note that when you win and go positive the other team is usually going negative. So, you’re netting more if you’re beating people in a high percentile.

It’s broken. Your PERSONAL rank is based off what the team did, and if you were supposed to win or not.

You get negative points for losing rounds, and positive points for winning rounds.

My PERSONAL rank should not be dependant on strangers.

Silly really


Trust me, I’m not a fan of it whatsoever, and it needs to be better explained. All they explained in their gears in the machine episode of the break down of tiers. I would like a more in depth explanation, and then a refinement that benefits players who may necessarily get kills but contribute a ton throughout the game.

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Started a match at silver 2, top 79%.

Person on team quit within first few minutes.

My team lost match

I took MVP

Moved up to silver 2 top 29%.


We it’s working different for you then.

It’s states right in the Post match screen when you click on your tier %, it’s based off the TEAM. It intentionally states if YOUR team was supposed to win or not.

On Thursday, I placed after my 5 matches at Silver 2, 80%.

It’s now Wednesday.

Level 75, more wins thanks losses, 1.4 KD.

Still Sitting at Silver 2, 80%


It isn’t about wins and losses.

If it’s anything like gears 4 then It’s a vast amount of different metrics that contribute to personal ranking.

For example, I spent 2 days grinding for my last rank in KOTH in G4. I played likely 20 or 25 matches. I only won about 7 or so.

I never went down in rank in at least 13-16 losses even when I did not take MVP.

Why? Because I consistently destroyed the enemy team in points despite the loss, quitters, favored to win, etc, etc.

I can’t imagine it is any different in gears 5. Consistent performance combined with a period of time for the overall player base/rankings to settle into their spots. I wouldn’t get bent outta shape about rank for at least 30 days.

It still specifically states post match I’d you were “supposed” to win or not.

Obviously your own stats are an additional advantage if you do well. I do well as well.

However of you still lose it negatively effects your points gain.

And if you lose, when you were “expected” to win, it affects that point loss even more.

I don’t know why but it seems like everyone I’ve talked to ends up in Silver 2 regardless of how they performed (not including bottom of the scoreboard and losing every placement match). Seems weird


As it should… If you’re favored to win you absolutely should receive negative impact from that.

However, that impact can be negated and even overcome by your own personal performance. I have seen this in action and confirm it. (My post before last)

Whether your favored to Win/lose is not the defining factor of your entire movement.

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We are 4 days into the official launch. Give it a month for stats to fill out across the player base.

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I fully agree, just curious how the system decided upon Silver 2 is all

Couldn’t tell you that one.

I came from D5 in KOTH in 4. Placed silver 2 in 5. But, I look at the names I know that are also in that tier… And knowing those players actual skill from gears 4 I can say that I feel it placed me accordingly for the most part.

I went 5 and 0 in round 2, not a single point awarded.

So it most definitely isn’t working properly.

We were Cog.

Swarm predicted to win.

We won. Only got points for the first round

Majority team based rankings.