How does Cole’s All The Glory skill actually work?

I’m asking myself this question because it’s way more destructive than it should be after unlocking the skill two days ago. I can tackle into Juvies, and two of them blowing up are seemingly enough to completely take down a Scion with the explosions despite the fact that any % of Juvie health wouldn’t even make much of a dent into a Scion. In a similar way, even with the skill only at Level 1, I could tackle into a Sniper on Elite and the blast will take out another nearby Sniper instantly, instead of dealing 10% of the Sniper’s health. Or a Grenadier exploding next to a Scion for half its health equally seems puzzling. No way that’s 10% of the Grenadier’s HP.

So is the skill level just increasing the explosive radius of the skill or something? Someone please tell me if you’ve got further insights into the skill’s works. Does it take tackle damage upon the kill and add the HP? Is it based off of a fixed amount? Is it glitched?

Do note that this isn’t a complaint topic. The skill definitely lives up to its name as it is absolutely glorious. It’s the most fun to use it on The Detour on Beginner against the nearly infinitely spawning Juvies(assuming you get the Juvie spawn set) by the third saferoom to cause chain reactions of massive explosions that almost never stop which is absolutely hilarious to watch. Also great for farming the 12,000 eliminations medal.

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Ohh so that’s what’s happening. Interesting. Even on Master I’ve seen him battering through groups and exploding them. Looks really fun but I’ve not unlocked him yet.

So All The Glory is better than Soothing Warmth? I like the idea of not taking damage while everything around me is burning.

I haven’t gotten Cole to Level 16 yet, so haven’t tested Soothing Warmth out yet. Not sure if it’s really as practical as it sounds. Others may be able to give you advice there.

Every time I’ve tried Soothing warmth it hasn’t seemed to do that much. Cole seems far tankier with his other cards. For a full tank build

Perk up
Inner fire
Damage dash
Thrashball pro
Torch tackle

That’s good for hives without groups or if going for a full 1-50 on master horde. Amazing if facing lots of wardens.

If facing lots of groups, particularly juries swapping out on for all the glory is amazing. Usually thrashball pro but depends on enemies.

The thing with Cole is every time you finish an enemy of with a tackle he’s back to full health and stim, as long as he ahas enough resistance to get the kill he’s good for health.

I think soothing warmth would be more for if you have him a shooting build but it’s not nearly as damage effect as a tackle build.

I have no clue how the damage for All The Glory is calculated, but the card is pretty powerful. I’d say it’s a must-have - just make sure your team mates don’t stand too close when playing Escape!

I like to sub out perk up since the extra health isn’t as important as being outright immune to some attacks is nice since you will take less damage and therefore, be able to get your health and stim filled up. But it depends on the Escape map (the Detour is great for All the Glory)

Yea Perk up isn’t always necessary for sure but the faster regen helps in some situations. Last time I did a 50 Master run I without it was going down a lot post wave 20 when I ususally wouldn’t.

In escape really just comes down to the hive.

Mine is at Level 4 and is pretty destructive, but I always play Soothing Warmth, also at Level 4, as All the Glory damages team mates.

I always do Perk Up in Horde since 50 percent more health on top of having lots of resistance helps. Put it this way: lets say you have 100 health normally and a Claw does 50 a hit for a 2 shot down. With 90 percent resistance, it now only does 5 a hit so it takes 20 hits to take you down (without stim that is.) Now, if you have 50 percent more health (so you have 150 health now) it now takes 30 hits instead, a pretty big difference on top of faster regen.

But in Escape, yeah it depends on the map (Detour, Barracks, Warren being good for All The Glory and usually every other map is good for Perk Up.)

For sure,

My personal favourite is playing Cole with a Clayton with Heavy Deflect. Wrecks Scions when they can’t damage you with weapons or melee, Great for The Line…

Especially since with Sole Survivor, his shell recharges in just 55 seconds.

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SorryI more meant playing Cole alongside Clay to give Cole immunity.

Sole survivor is good but ultimate battery is even better to get the whole team ultimates, if Cole and Clay stand in front of an enemy with Cole taking no melee damage and constantly reviving Clay, everyone can have ultimates back in less than 10 seconds.