How do you use Defense mode with Lizzie's Silverback?

Does anyone know because I thought you had to just tap A button and the Silverback goes into defensive mode, this is what Google came up with but I think it was for a previous Gears game, not sure it works in Gears 5…I forgot about the section in the campaign where we use the Silverback if they explain it.

Anyone know how? One of the cards she gets gives her splash damage while in defensive mode but I’m not sure it is working I thought they just meant melee at first…not sure I’m doing it right. Curious if others managed to get this to work thanks.

Push Y. That’s for the Default control scheme, at least.


Awesome thanks it worked, I created a private match and took the time to test…during a match with all kinds of mayhem going on I was not sure I was doing it properly.

Pressing “Y button” (the ultimate button basically, default control scheme) worked for me, thanks

edit: I tried her bleeding mulcher card, does not cause bleed it seems, there was another topic created yesterday…seems to be glitched, please fix TC thanks

So the silver back only can carry 2 weapons at the same time right? To my understand we cannot switch weapons from let’s say tri shot to salvor. So there is no reason to equip all 4 weapon card type but just 2. Pls correct me if I am wrong thx

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From what I’ve been told, if you equip more than 2 weapon cards. Then every time you summon the Silverback, the two weapons would be randomised. It might be more versatile since you can’t change cards throughout match but it’s RNG and chance based.

More than 2 weapon cards is not worth it if you want guaranteed two weapons.

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The splash damage card does not work for me… got into Defense mode (which I cannot move any more) killed an enemy with the tri shot but no splash or explosion what so ever… is there sonething I missed out?

Just unlocked the Salvo and it’s not very good for the Silverback tbh. Sure, each salvo hit increases silverback use by 55%… but you only get 20 rockets, which makes the extra time pointless… Trishot is probably the best choice.

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salvo is great speaking from a maxed out lizzie, the duration goes up to 95% per HIT so if you hit multiple enemies you get multiple boosts to the duration and in my opinion the best two weapons are trishot and salvo with cold finish to lock down tanky targets after they hit that threshold as at lvl 5 cold finish a couple of talon shots is enough to freeze the enemy completely

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damn it looks like this might be bugged, I just tried testing it in a private match and it didn’t seem to be working either, I Went into defense mode and killed a few enemies with the Mulcher but I didn’t notice any splash damage.

The card says you just have to get kills while in defense mode, so should have worked…I hope they fix it soon because I wanted to use the other healing card which heals you from explosions, but it won’t be as effective if the Explosive Munitions card is bugged :frowning:
Please fix asap TC! Thanks!

Yeah, the duration increase is great, but with only 20 rockets in the salvo, the duration increase is a bit pointless unless you are using the Silverback as a defensive wall to draw fire and firing one rocket maybe every 5 seconds. Cold Finish is brilliant though, especially in Escape.