How do you survive against the mace breaker?

I don’t get how you can survive against the mace breaker unless you get a body with a gnasher before they swing, you can’t run away…

Bait the Mace player in, then when he gets close enough use your chainsaw. This has a 99.9% success rate


While chainsawing them is the best way, Mace users have gotten wise to it, so be careful when sawing them.

the Mace gives players over-health when they wield it. the Gnasher is the worst weapon to use against it because it’s impossible to body when a player has a full Mace bar (ammo)

lancer from a distance, you’ll see the shatter animation and then you can get close.



Doesn’t work, the range is gnarly

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You don’t most of the time.

Honestly don’t understand why we have this cheap 𝔞𝔰𝔰 weapon, we already have plenty one shot weapons, we don’t need this.


Good changes the game. I don’t mind the mace at all, a cool new addition.


I respect it, I just find it to be kinda OP and wouldn’t mind it being replaced by the Mortar or something.

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Isn’t the Mace exclusive to Vasgar or Arcade? In Arcade it’s not even especially powerful since there’s better options available.

When it is available it’s pretty annoying to deal with, it has a pretty big range too so that doesn’t help.

The mace used to be extremely OP and annoying when the game launched and it has been nerfed to oblivion. Now it feels like a proper power weapon, but I wouldn’t say it’s cheap to use, it requires timing and good distractions to make use of it.

Now to answer the OP: The simple answer is to not put yourself in a situation where you can easily get obliterated. Keep track where the player is and stay at a healthy distance from him and wear him down. Is not meant to be easy to counter since is a power weapon (like the boomshot, dropshot, etc) But always being behind cover and trying to wear him down from the distance with a lancer it’s a safe strategy.

But other than that, it’s pretty much impossible to survive if you are close to them (you can bounce yourself out of the situation sometimes)

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I didn’t know it was nerfed, interesting. I guess I just have bad luck with it.

I remember when FFA first launched, anyone who could get their hands on Mace Breaker ( or as I call it Face Breaker) was able to become almost invincible. Kiliing 3-4 people in a span of 5 sec.
It was so annoying.

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I feel you. When I pick up the Mace I instantly die and fail miserably (I rarely pick it up anymore) but when I’m facing other players, they handle it pretty well.

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That’s EXACTLY what happens to me and I hate it. They always sponge it at point black range.

Mace is on Vasgar and Exhibit.

Countering mace is easy. It uses the same strat to expose someone hiding
Pretend to push and roll back before you get in gib range.

I’m gonna play today to see if I can get you a clip, I think that’ll be fun!


That was terrible


Chainsaw works well against it. I’ve pissed a lot of kids off who had the breaker mace thinking they were going to get some easy kills.

Otherwise RUN !!!

Lancer from afar