How do you report a cheater if you don't have Twitter?

My friend reported a cheater to TC on Twitter and got a reply. I asked a mod to forward my message to TC on here and they never got back to me (the mod did, not TC) .

I’ve come across another. I reported to Xbox, which seems meaningless, but I’d like TC to take a closer look.

I only have his GT. I don’t have a clip this time because it was 2v2 and there really isn’t a chance to spectate but I ran into a new acct, on PC, who typed the same stuff in game chat as our former forum member (think; large arian fish) who was banned for cheating his way to D5 in 2v2,and fought the same way with an impossibly quick snap to aim.


I also don’t have twitter. So I have wondered this as well

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You can ask at Xbox Answers a lot of admins are there that will help you out.

I think you can PM them on here.

Either that or just pass the evidence over to someone who does, I don’t mind doing it either :+1:

My Twitter is basically there to ask TC why they have killed KOTH in the EU and also to report cheaters.


Having an in game report section like fortnite and many other games have would be more efficent. That way it would be way easier for TC to ban someone, they could instantly just prevent that specific user from getting into matches by checking their stats (aim accuracy) and banning directly from the server. No more delayed twitter responses and weeks of investigation.

Setting up a feature that automatically goes to check accuraccy of a player after a specific amount of reports have been recieved over short amount of time then suspending until investigated by devs would save our and TC’s time.

In game report section>Xbox enforcement reports

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Reporting cheaters is really weird for this game. There’s no “official” way of doing it.

Just make a Twitter or PM them on here. I’m not sure you’ll ever get a response with the latter though. And I can’t think of any other methods of contact.


Twitter has the only real chance of it being picked up.

I just tweet Octus and Coalition Gears and one of two may respond, they each have in the past anyway, but not always.

Honestly I have no clue. I’ve been told to contact them on the forums, I’ve been told to message a mod and they’ll relay it to TC which gets no response afterwards if it’s been dealt with, I’ve been told to contact them on Twitter and when i do it just gets ignored. I don’t know.

I honestly can’t be bothered to try anymore.

Twitter is the best, sometimes I get a response, sometimes you don’t.

But best to include some video evidence and send it over to them…

I find that quote to be painfully ironic😄

I do now🤣