How do you PC gamers do this?

How do you PC gamers do this? Do you just sit normally in chairs like this while you’re gaming?Anyone have a recommendation? When I put my office/gaming room together a few years ago I just bought a cheap office chair from office depot. But now that I am working from home regularly and spending more time gaming, it is killing my back.I’ve looked at about 15 and can’t decide so I figured I would ask chairs with soft and thick padding so I can sit on them for hours without discomfort,more than £300 and there are no places anywhere near me to go and test chairs before buying. So, any recommendations from you guys? I don’t care much about looks, I just want comfort.

I’ve read either rave reviews or trash reviews on some of the cheaper options sub $200,with very few in the middle.I’ve read nothing but great reviews on the Autofull gaming chair but… I really don’t know if I feel like dropping $400 on the chair. Suggestions would be appreciated!

I am a guy who works in an office setting. For the first ten years of work, my bad was ok with the sitting. Then the back strain began to hit me. This year, I purchased an excellent ergonomic office chair, and it has done wonders for my back.

These days, I game sitting at a desk on that ergonomic chair. If it’s good enough for office workers who do long stretches to sit at for 12+ hours a day (think lawyers, accountants), it’s good enough to game at for 4+ hour sessions.

Some companies and individuals sell refurbished office chairs (say from companies that are restructured). The model I bought, when new, goes for about two times my used price. Mine is the Steelcase Leap v 2, purchased for CAD $400 (USD $300. It is a functional tool rather than a thing of beauty. Herman Miller also makes popular (and beautiful) office chairs, but these are more expensive even when used/refurbished.

I was hesitant to spend that much on a chair at first. Now, I say it’s one of the best purchases I have made.