How do you kick destructive people out of your custom horde match?

The other day, I was playing as Baird in a horde custom match and my team was on lvl 46 on Master. A player joined as a duplicate Baird and started consuming the tri-shots off of our weapons lockers, forged the single try-shot and ran to do the same for the other heavy weapons. Then he/she ran to our barriers and randomly placed them so that the enemies could enter thus leading to our doom! All we could do was watch in disbelief. He then wrote in the global chat “hahahahahah ****”.

Is it possible to kick destructive game terrorist like this? I am sure that I am not the only one that this has happened to and was helpless as chaos unfolded. A player who was on my team said it was something to do with the chat screen, highlighting the player to be kicked and click the right joystick?

Please elaborate on how to do this!

I know this is possible because I have seen it done by other players.

Thank you for your advise and making Gears a better place.

  • ShadeSlayerLPD9

Only the host is able to kick.
Xbox- you must pause the game, hit right trigger (May be different depending on control scheme. I stay on default so I’m not sure) to open the social panel. From here you should be able to select the name of the players in the match, and there should be an option to kick.

Beware, some trolls have figured out that by blocking the host they can prevent themselves from appearing in the social panel. This does not mean every time you don’t see someone that they are a troll, it will happen sometimes when you aren’t blocked too, idk why, but if someone is trolling your match, and they don’t appear in the panel- your only option is to lobby and select the in game name for them at the lobby to kick there. (as far as I know, if someone has found a workaround for countering this then please add in)

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Thank you for your help! I’m it is very frustrating and devastating to watch all your hard work be thrown away due to a troll.

There is always a loophole or a workaround things. Thanks again!

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I have felt your pain, trust me haha. Good luck out there! Make sure not to block the guys who do it, so you can see them! Just in case. They will still be able to join if you block!