How do you guys approach your engineering now?

During operation 3, I normally would build forge first to level 4. Get my forge maxed out at very early waves (especially as Del) which means I could focus on building weapons lockers for the team etc.

In this new operation, now the forge is lot expensive. Everyone has their way of engineering the game. Therefore, I want to know is how do you guys approach your engineering? You still build forge first? Build forge first to level 4 or build weapon locker first?

I do the same as always. Just throw down some barriers and tell everyone that if they want something or want me to repair their stuff, then they need to deposit. If Grace does and JD doesn’t, I take care of Grace.

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I tend to build some stuff, then build some other stuff.

I am not the best engineer.


I will give a Weapon Locker to everyone… as JD! :grin:
So I will be a JD who don’t use every Locker for his own selfish reasons but the one who will give you One! :sunglasses:

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Buy 10 forges by wave 20.

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If we have a Jack I build the forge and upgrade it right away. By like wave 9 it’s lvl 4 and I start building lockers in time for JD. After that it’s about normal. Without a Jack I haven’t tried that yet. The update made the first 10 waves of Masters harder but after your setup it gets easier IMO. With the taps giving health and the various buffs to other characters.

Just help as a team,jack forge,Then fortifications depending on the situation,if say. I play del/Baird arrives I just give him/her light asking your turn to build

Survive on master just with forge it is lottery (first waves) But if you are lucky then you have more Energy. I usually start with locker (2lvl) for JD or Kegan and 1 barrier (1lvl when entner is thight) Joviues are the most dangerous! Forge after this. Other lvls, its whatever.

Depends on the team and what they can and can not do. Sometimes I have a team who can hold the line until a forge can be built and upgraded (well that was op 3) other times I have a team who can’t defend without a barrier or 2 at high traffic entry points. In this op I tend to build barriers 1st and try to get some lockers up first as after A few games I noticed I don’t really need jack although, given the price, he is handy. If I have a jack I try to have 2 lockers going before I start going for a forge.

I don’t know about anyone else but I finding master level horde to be a little easier. I feel like I am playing insane or incon.

Build locker to lvl 4 then build around first tap that appears since they are worth it now to keep if we cant make it to wave 11 without barriers then game wasnt going far anyway

I learned from an ex. Spend every dime as fast as you can.


Depends on the mode and the characters.

If we have a Jack it will be the Forge, and maybe a few barriers and a locker. If there is no Jack, I would get lockers out first then barriers.

If we are in Horde Frenzy, I tend not to get a Forge at all even if a Jack is present. If everyone puts their power in the fabricator we start off with 50k, and making an active attempt to go for energy taps will give the team a lot of power.

The problem now everyone build all and nothing , buy weapon etc , the new system is really a ■■■■■■■■. Operation 6 all characters will heal as jack ???

Stupid !!
When you play with 1/5 re up ok i understand but with re up 15+++ !!! NO !

For answer at the question if jack here

Forge lv1 first , barrier lv 1 , forge lv2 , lockers lv2 , forge lv3 , locker lv4 , barrier lv2, forge lv4 , another locker and if lizzie here barrier freeze by lizzie After locker 1 per characters (2 JD if he want) after rock &roll

Yeah I don’t understand why people think reup 15 means they are automatically good. It only affects playtime not skill. They could have played a ■■■■ load of beginner for all we know. I’m only like reup 11 and I often get into lobbies that say 20+. Mainly because they see I’m using a lvl 18 Baird or Jack. When it comes to engineer and smelting ■■■■■, they aren’t picky.
I “almost” wish we had a lvl requirement to join a masters lobby. Not one set by the host because that would be abused. I’m talking like lvl 10 minimum. Cause I’ve seen a lot of people join a masters lobby in progress and it feels like they aren’t contributing much at all. Then we die, go back to the lobby and find out they were lvl 2. On Masters someone that low can’t contribute hardly anything until we get heavy weapons and shouldn’t be in there IMO. You don’t need to be lvl 18 to complete a masters run but you need at least something.

I always press select and u can see the re ups anything lower than 5 i give them 3 waves to see how they contribute majority of time they get down away from base and they need to go

I haven’t played a serious match yet. Just did frenzy for the achievements.

I agree forge build is dependednt on Jack. I mean, no one really has any time to pick up and recycel between waves. They are all getting ammo.

I think they want player to move bases and use the taps.

I think hord modfifer level and if jack is in play sets the stage for Forge versue tap

I always build a first line of Barriers first, if there is a Jack, i tell him to watch the others until i can build a Forge, then i will build him a Forge, then i will focus on Weapons Lockers, one each per person, then finish with my barriers, a second line. I never build any Barriers over level 2, you simply do not need them, cheaper and easier/quicker to repair, plus the added bonus of making a second line of defence.

I always build Barriers first, quite simply because it is the first line of defence, and an advantage against the little buggers at the earlier stages.
Sentries will not be built until everyone has a Weapons Locker and and extra 2 or more built for the Heavy stuff, Tri-Shot and Rocket Pods, also Freeze Cannons for the bloody Matriarch, damn i hate that ■■■■■.

Not had the chance to build since OP 4 came out, not really had the chance to play either. But, not really looking forward to it either, after what The Coalition did.