How do you botch it this bad?

Seriously TC. Both you and 343i have without a doubt ruined both Gears and Halo respectively. How MS allows these games, that have their “Exclusive for Microsoft” logo proudly displayed on the box be so broken, so absolutely garbage from a multiplayer standpoint (And lets not even discuss horde) is nothing short of insulting. This is the best these two studios have to offer?

Focusing on TC here, and aside the alright imo Campaign, Horde…why? Just…why? Why the changes to Horde? Who asked? We wanted something new…not…this. It’s fun once in a blue moon with friends, sure I can give you that but then again anything can be made fun with friends.

Multiplayer. The meat and potatoes. This game, Gears 5, the multiplayer for this game is hot garbage. Flashbangs? Seriously? We 3rd person COD now? The inconsistent shotguns. The fact that just hipfiring is rewarded over ADS when in reality the reverse should be true. I am seeing some major bullet/pellet magnetism as well. I play on PC with my friend, with Mouse and Keyboard, and the fact that I don’t get that while Controllers get both Aim Assist and Pellet magnetism is insane.

What even is the point of it? To help those that can’t aim get a free kill? Why are you trying to lower the skill ceiling? Another trend in gaming that is ruining the games we all enjoy. Why the need to lower the skill ceiling? The lancer being the way it is still despite it being patched so that it takes 6-8 shots to down? The Lancer is there for distracting people, to trade it in for the power weapon, or to execute someone with the Chainsaw (or bayonet if you have the retro lancer). No other reason.

I could go on about how your ranking system is fundamentally the worst thing I have actually ever had the displeasure of participating in, similar to your ranked matchmaking. Your inconsistent Gnasher, etc etc etc. Along with your almost Felony tier Microtransaction system. Appeasing the casuals over your hardcore playerbase that would continue to play your game while the casuals you chase would drop it at the next COD title.

How hard is it to make a Gears of War title that isn’t trash? How can you ■■■■ up a simple formula up? It’s so sad to see the game going into the toilet.

Those claims that you had “1 Million Players Playing” and making idiots believe this game somehow outsold another large title game despite it being available on gamepass, that you conveniently lowered to $1 for 3 months when the game was released. Thank god I didn’t pay the $60 MSRP at launch because if I had I’d be extremely heated, especially with the server issues you had at launch stopped people from being able to play online or even the campaign.

Aside Judgement, if MS was smart before they would have just acquired Epic before that Chinese Conglomerate Tencent got to them. Might have saved us from having Gears of War 4 and 5 and Fortnite as well. Only wistful thinking at this point. That, and thinking this Game Franchise will ever be as good as it once was. Sure Gears 1-3 had it’s issues like the DB Shotgun or the stupid wall bouncing that never could be fixed, but Gears 5 is just…on another level of bad and heartbreaking.


As much as I agree with most of this rant I still can’t support this statement I see all the time, as most of the GOW devs left Epic to join TC in 2014.

2011 EPIC =/= 2015 EPIC

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Some key figures did (Like Rod and Greg Mitchell), but some also left for other pastures.

CliffyB retired and then formed Boss Key
Lee Perry went into making Indie games,
Joe Graf left working on gears for other projects at Epic
Quinn Del Hoyo left for 343

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Well true but I remember a few of the art leads and story leads staying on (at least back when 4 was coming along and UE had just come out) I’d assume a large portion of the team staying on it too.

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I just wanted to add to your point that Epic in 2011 wouldn’t be the Epic now as tons of the key people on Gears left.

Plus Tencent bought a large share,

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I believe they have 40% of EPIC, with the rest split up in other companies and the CEO, etc.

@K0A0 ummmm…PC has bullet magnetism. It was one of the reasons a month or so ago that everybody kept saying that the gnasher was “off”. It was an issue with the bullet magnetism not working correctly on pc that made it feel “off”. It has since been fixed. While I agree with a few of your thoughts, don’t start all that pc/console stuff. I play against pc players all the time. They have more than their fair share of advantages in Gears 5. Nobody on pc is at a disadvantage…I promise you.

Gona brush over most of it myself, (tho I agree with alot) and focus on one point made that I think needs more ranting :yum:


So many games these days release, just NOT WORKING on some or many aspects that the entire experience can be forever tainted or destroyed. Most eventually get fixed down the line but at that point the chance to get your whole playerbase actually playing the game you intended to make is gone.


I really hate this trend in gaming and I really just want Gears 6 delayed a year so TC can just get it at least stable out the gate instead of scrambling like Gears 4 and 5’s launch.

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Yep, corporate greed and the mentality of “Money now, is always better than money later”.
More and more studios releasing games that are not ready yet because their publisher has their knee to their necks. We now live in the era where fully and truly polished games are the minority.


Aye, tis a sad time for gaming

Everything i agree with except for your argument that aim down sight should conquer hip fire…thats not how it worked in gears1…in gears 1 everyone hip fired…


Gears of war 4 was basically made entirely former epic games employees that worked on the previous 3 games. TC has obviously grown quite a lot since 4 and has a lot of new people but still has a good amount of epic games employees working on 5


Because selling cosmetic skins for $5 is such a crime.

The real reason we feel cheated out of our money is because they put most of their cosmetics/put fan favorite skins (Cyclops) in the store. As much as that sucks, they’re not commiting any actual crime.

I think all the energy on this forum should be spent yelling at EA and Activision for their annual releases of “the same game.”

So damn true last good one was gears 3 Epic needs come back

You’re a little late to this thread

Ya we’ve had a whole global pandemic since then.

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Don’t like how he left out a some of the middle part

Complaining about aim assist and magnetism when you literally click to shoot is ridiculous. Are you aware this game was and always has been designed for consoles and controllers. Everything else was added. Yeah or should try apex or unreal tournament your mouse and keyboard is so overpowered you really should switch games if you don’t like it.