How do we see what weapons we are able to unlock this season on which playlists for this season? Where is all this information?

Why is the gears of war website so ridiculous why cant we see eachothers ranks and game play info in the forums??? And where are the information for diamond unlockables for this season? Please make the website more user friendly…

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Just keep navigating the site. Upper right your able to view your stats, my rewards on menu icon.( If your on mobile my rewards will appear in menu after you hit community). On mobile it’s like a drop down arrow upper right. Community , forums etc. I been on here since new format and I barely started navigating the whole menu. It’s pretty simple once you actually take a step back and look at it.

As for friend’s I can only see about 6 players rank. I can’t pick and choose I haven’t figured that out yet if there is anything to figure out

TC announced the way season weapon skin awards are being handed out from season 4 and beyond in Whats Up - May 17

Now going forward, 5 weapons skins will be given at a time based on your highest ranked placement rather than on a playlist basis.

For season 4 the weapon skin set is: Gnasher, Markza Mk.1, Longshot, Boltok and Snub Pistol.

So for this season those are the only weapons you’ll get ranked skins for including diamond.

It should show those you have set as favorites on Xbox

Non of the people I see are my favorites lol. Just randoms actually idk any of them but Al Bundy. Maybe it show new friends when there added

Weird, it’s all of my favorites and nothin else.

i still cannot find where the my rewards page is…i only can access it by googling “gears of war rewards”