How do we display our badges?

I’m on mobile so please forgive me if there already visible on the desktop site.

I can see my badges in my profile, but there’s no way to select the ones I want displayed. There was an option like that on the old forums, hence my curiosity.


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Unlike the old forum, you can’t select the ones you display as far as I know, instead the ones you unlocked are automatically displayed.

This I what I can see from desktop when I click your name. On mobile, it just directs you to your profile.

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Got it!

Thanks dude :slight_smile:

No worries! Though they should really add that feature if it’s not there already. What’s the point in having badges if you cant use it to customizer your profile.

The only thing you can do is customise your forum title based on the badge you unlocked.

To do this, click your profile icon and then click the gear icon. > Then scroll down to forum title and there should be a list of forum titles based on badges unlocked.

However at this moment in time, it seems other badges except community veteran does not have a forum title, so you can’t set one unfortunately.

As of now, 6 badges is common . Id kove to see others and setting them as a sig?

That’s what I was trying to achieve. Oh well, maybe something will unlock later :slight_smile:

This forum does not support signatures and if I’m honest, I’m glad that it’s gone.

Can’t really display badges manually, it’s just done automatically and no choosing.
If it wasn’t in for different profiles and accounts, I would prob have couple more badges.
Not that I really care too much about them.
But I am also looking forwards to see what the newer ones might be.
Also @KonTroL_RaNgeR, it seems two or more badges are the most common.
The join-before date and over 1,000+ posts seem to be more rare.

@Ektope i wish they had 1 for 5k and 10k posts though