How do u get the skins when watching?

Just curious. How do u obtain them?

You will need to login at and then complete the quest requirements before being able to claim the weapon skins.

For example. the weapon skin I claimed required to retweet one tweet (tweets can be found in the twitter tab next to the quest tab). Though you don’t need to actually retweet the tweet, you just click the retweet button and then close the window.

You should then get the weapon skin instantaneously in your inventory.

ah cool ty, after I claim them, they will be in the game?



There is a bird icon next to the twitter tab and then click on the double arrows in the middle of the 3 icons of a tweet.

a window will pop up, but you can close it since you don’t need to do anything else. Then go back to the quest tab and redeem the skin.

and as I said, the skin will be in your inventory straightaway after you claim.

thanks ! figured it out