So I’m going to 2 of the events but I’m wondering if each location gives you different skins? Are they random? Someone please explain. I mainly want gnasher and lancer much like everyone else. Thank you!

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The word each isn’t complicated, EACH event.

But which event gives which weapon? The post isn’t too complicated

Again each event in phase 1 will give 2 different weapons, every weapon available to everybody, English isn’t that complicated. Make sense XD

I guess the way the question is phrased is too complex for kids who still use “xD”. Thanks anyway, kiddo. I’ll figure it out when I go to the events

I’m not sure exactly but I know I read somewhere and think it was markza and something else, not Lancer, Gnasher or Snub.

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So it doesn’t matter which month or location? The 2 skins given out are for the same weapons?

You can check about the schedule/dates here - and so each event it’s 2 skins per, from October till January when Phase 1 ends.

EDIT: they announce which skins are up closely before the event date, either on Twitter or

I saw a female streamer with the snub actually

Thanks for the useful info, bud!

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