How do the promo classes fare against their counterparts?

Post is same as title - How do the promo classes fare against their counterparts?

Like, for example… I’ve even made a post about this before.

Striker Vs Blademaster.

Architect Vs, well, any engineer-typed class.

Slugger Vs Striker/Assault Classes.

Protector Vs Tank Classes?

A. Blademaster is superior to both Protector and Striker in nearly every aspect other than requiring venom in Escape to be at its best.

B. Don’t even bother comparing. Architect only has the hologram that the other engineers don’t.

C. Slugger has nuke frags but outside of that, nothing really special that makes it worth going for.

D. Protector is not a tank class, but melee based, so it doesn’t serve to compare it. Better than Striker, much worse than Blademaster in terms of durability and somewhat less damage potential.


The promotional classes don’t fare well at all. You’d think TC would make those must-have, but if you don’t have access to them, you’re not missing out.

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There’s no reason to pick a promotional class over its regular equivalent except for being a completionist.

Like, there is nothing Architect has that makes it comparable to Mechanic or Robotics Expert. Picking it is taking a willing handicap.

Or the Venom skin tied to those four classes. I’m not looking forward to having to use those four classes.

Just wait for the inevitable extra XP weekend and join the also inevitable speedrun grinding sessions.

My cousin is just getting the game now so I’ll be playing promotional classes exclusively with him while we’re stuck on easier difficulties to start building them up now.

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Assuming they don’t just throw me out for using one of those four classes, especially at level 1.

Maybe I should’ve leveled those classes up earlier, but I wasn’t interested in it and there was no incentive to bother doing it. Sure hope the next XP bonus is either universal or class XP and comes before I finish with this.

I know protector isn’t the best but I love droping my shield to pick someone up or completey obliterate everyone trying to enter my bubble with a mace

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Slugger, forever Sarah Conner, is fun to play for me. The circumstances have to be right for slugger to be viable but decent damage CAN be done.
I wish they would tell us the exact reason they can’t mess with the Promo classes. Knowing if it can ever be done would be nice…to have hope or not


Since they’re not tied to the actual promo characters now maybe there’s hope

Striker is very under rated and can top many peoples damages when used right, just most people SUCK, really badly suck :rofl:

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You have my attention.


Still doesn’t really change that I find it is inferior in practically every aspect to the other melee classes, strictly speaking from a perspective of skill cards.

And no, I don’t count abusing the Incendiary glitch to immediately obliterate enemies as how the class should function.

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Regarding skill cards yes, Kat is handicapped. But I’d take Kat’s hologram over Del’s ridiculous balls and Baird’s stupid robot every day of the week, infinitely more useful.


Yeah people don’t know how to use the Op classes let alone good ones that take a bit more skill and knowledge.

Truth hath been spoken

That would be true if enemies didn’t ignore the hologram. And if Kat had more cards that didn’t suck.

At least the DR-1 can draw fire in a pinch. What the hell is the point in the trackers though!?

I did address the cards in my post. Regarding the hologram not working I admit this has occured for me, but while the hologram works well 9/10 times, it’s more like Baird’s robot 9/10 times ends up just pivoting helplessly on the spot, which makes me find more use for the hologram.

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This mostly sums up the architect. I’ve done Master runs with Kat when the game came out. I wouldn’t call it handicapped. It is totally viable but Del flat out has everything she gets besides the hologram. Del’s class has a higher discount, fort health, repairing gives stim. Baird’s class brings more dmg with deebee weapons, faster lockers, precision repairs. The only thing Kat has is her ult and her stim card requires you to do virtually nothing besides don’t get hit for X amount of seconds. The ult is perhaps the best ult out of the 3 engi classes. Del’s balls are a nuisance at best. Baird’s bot is good with bleed but half the time it doesn’t shoot when I want it too. That hologram is really useful and the extend perk works on ALL weapons. Not just the pistol like it says on the description. You can toss that thing out and so long as your shooting with a tri shot or something fast, you can keep it out almost indefinitely.

I will say I still use the architect to this day to have fun. I was really hoping TC would overhaul these classes when they separated characters. As for randoms your better off lvling up mechanic or robotics expert.

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