How do the less skilled get into a match with onyx players?

Just a few minutes ago, was playing a match of TDM, my team was doing great but we were still losing the match. At the end of the match, there was one player with only 2 kills, and get this, 16 deaths, practically throwing away our lives. No doubt we would’ve won if they werent in the team, not saying that they shouldn’t be playing but how the hell did they get into our match? Bad matchmaking maybe?

TC currently matches both teams up and assigns a rating for each player and tries to have them add up to be close, and chooses from a pool of bronze to masters.


TC math thats how

im masters in tdm and ive had 2 lobbies with players who were level 1

Level I dont really judge because I’ve seen some pretty good low levels(definitely had previous experience just not the data to show it) but this bugged me a lot because I’m having to play 3 matches to make up for one match, one person threw off

Doesn’t matter if they’ve had previous Gears experience though. That’s not what they use for their MM… for all we know lol.

However people running smurf accounts really get on my nerves. 2v2s are riddled with these guys — 0 gamer score and extremely low level but clearly know how to play. I’ve gone up against and lost to duos like this, and since I’m a Diamond losing to Bronze or even unplaced users I’ll lose like 1000 points. All modes suffer from this but 2v2 is definitely the worst.

Once was fine, it was a little bump, but I’ve really been on a bad ■■■■■■■ streak of who gets put on my team tonight, went from onyx 2 to gold 1 hoping itd give me players that are as good as their team, but no, every match I’ve played up into this point, theres always that one person, trying to lone wolf it and t costs us the match, I try to tell them hey group up with everyone else, but no gears isnt a game about teamwork to them I guess

Sometimes good players have bad days

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Yeah, I just need some time to clear my head, assuming theres another week since this is week 15 of 16 then this isnt the last day, although this entire time I’ve been thinking it was hence why I got so upset about it