How do the eliminations actually work?

I was under the impression that when your kills are stolen or you do a lot of damage to an enemy before he dies, you will receive an elimination. But that doesn’t seem to be the case in KOTH. It is definitely the case in Arcade though.


In another instance, I looked at my elims, downed an enemy, let my teammate steal the kill, then looked at my elims again, and they were the same.

And in a third instance, I actually did receive an elimination when my teammate stole my kill. Here is an example of that:

Does anyone know if this is intentional and how exactly the eliminations work?

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It is supposed to work that if they full heal you don’t get an elimination.

However obviously what you encountered isn’t supposed to happen.

Interesting, because I played 7 games of KOTH and not getting the elim was happening really consistently. On the other hand, I always get the elim in Arcade. My friends think it’s intentionally different between the two modes.


I was under the impression that in Arcade mode it affects DBNO but in ranked it doesn’t? I haven’t played as much as other people though. So downing an enemy in Arcade also counts (as well as killing them).

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Again why not just keep the old system, downs and kills? Seemed to work fine and although I got kills stolen it happens just as much in this game.

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I despise this new system for many reasons, i mostly play koth so now sure how it works in arcade

  1. It rewards players too easily, i want to be rewarded for kills i earned.

  2. Kill stealing is now more prevalent :rofl:

  3. I don’t even understand how this system works, sometimes i do minimal damage and get rewarded with eliminations other times i down someone but i don’t get the eliminations, or atleast i don’t get notified about it.

There was nothing wrong with the old system, i would rather have my kills stolen than this nonsense. Gears is for grown ups not cry babies. If you want to keep it in arcade fine, but please remove from all other game modes


I feel like it’s just another change that we didn’t really need, it wasn’t really broken before. I just want to get kills and that be that. I accept kills get stolen but I got over that as its been a thing for years.


Honestly, it’s growing on me. I really don’t mind if someone jacks a kill right in front of me anymore. Especially in Arcade mode though… PLEASE steal my kills in arcade mode, any change you get to double your teams skull pool is worth it.


I feel like its not 100% working. There are times where i should have been credited with an elimination, but it never popped on my screen or was added into my stats. Im not sure if the damage has to be over a certain number?

It does seem inconstant. Played some Hill this morning and two matches I didn’t seem to get any eliminations other than full kills by me. I’m sure that was not the case yesterday.

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In ranked I’ve noticed that if someone kills a player I’ve downed, the elimination counts on the scoreboard but I’m not explicitly told that I’ve received one like in arcade. I don’t think eliminations should be put in ranked, I want to told how many kills I got exactly, I don’t want to be told, hey you shot this guy a couple of times so you get the kill too. The system is pretty iffy in ranked especially, but I think a polished version is welcome in social modes.

At the end of the game it tells you your kills per minute, k/d and a bunch of additional stats.

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It’s actually a really good change if they actually make it consistent across all modes. It takes stress off people trying to fight for getting their own down just for stats or rank. Makes the game much more chill and just play to win.


Kills per minute, Caps per minute etc are lifetime stats (? - correct me if I’m wrong), I would like to know how many kills I have in that specific match just by looking at the scoreboard like the other games. It doesn’t bother me too much, it’s just a change that wasn’t really needed in my opinion.

I agree,

In the heat of battler arcade or KOTH i do not think kill stealing is deliberate. I mean what if you came across your team mate in a 1 v 2? do you wait to see if the DBNO guy gets up while he battles the other guys just to avoid the kill steal.

Also did i miss this in tech test. i do not see where the kills where listed only the eliminations.

How does it work you ask? Because Gears that’s how lol

Oh. I have no clue. I was hoping that you could tell us

I’m surprised no one else figured out the pattern lmao. I only played 7 games, but I’ll try to figure it out this weekend.

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I’m surprised kill stealing is still a thing we care about. I don’t even look at my K/D, I look at my points per round. So if you kill a guy I downed, I don’t even care. In fact I insist you kill anybody you see on the ground because I don’t want them getting up. I sometimes care if it’s TDM or EXE and it’s the last guy and I want to execute him but that’s not for numbers, that’s for fun. So if you ever see DeanOMiite in your games, be prepared for me to steal your kills, but be prepared to steal mine too!

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It affects your rank though. And it’s nice to easily know that your down was finished.

You have to accept that some (or most) of the population cares about kill stats, even if you don’t. I stopped caring about it as well, but I’m not going to expect everyone else to.

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