How do store skins work?

I’ve started seeing a number of players in game with a weird shiny, pink gnasher, so I’ve been sending them messages asking where the skin came from.

Finally one of them responded, (the cool cats clearly want to keep their little toy exclusive, bless their cotton socks), saying that they bought it in the store.

I’ve checked the store fairly regularly, but I completely missed this.

I wouldn’t have bought this particular skin anyway, but what’s going on here? Are they adding skins to the store very briefly and then taking them away for a long time or even permanently?


Yes the pink top gnasher was in the store 2 days ago, it was a daily item


The store has daily item that reset every 24 hours… Sadly you missed one of the sales it seems.


Ah ok thanks, so it was just in the store for that one day?

Will the skins return to the store eventually or are they gone for good after their appearance in store?


I assume they will rotate around again in due time, though at this point nothing has really been mentioned about it.

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They are using the same store as other games like Fortnite and BO4, so I would say yes to skins returning. But skins like in the “special offer” will most likely be limited.

I wouldn’t buy every skin that becomes available, maybe just one I like.

But are you saying that each and every day, there’s a new skin that becomes available in the store for just that day?

I’ve looked at the store most days and haven’t seen any of these skins. Just the museum weapon skins and islander lahni in the featured tab, and aape and get sweaty packs in the special offers tab. I’m confused

those are the weekly, the one at the far left by itself is the daily,

you can see the 2 separate timers at the top

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You’re right, I see the timers now. Sit quite far away from my TV so missed that. Cheers