How do some high level players do standing executions?

I was just in awe playing Escape mode with 2 other high level players in escape inconceivable difficulty and they just rushed the elite drone and were able to execute them (when enemies were still standing) , but when i melee spam the same melee movement just repeats itself and doesn’t result in an execution. How are they doing this? What’s the button for this on xbox?

Thanks so much in advance.

you doing the three melee combo properly?

B, B, B(Hold)

you should see a final prompt to execute after that

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You can perform a Melee-Combo press B 2x then Hold it to Perform a Kick to stun an Enemy then press B to Execute or X to grab a Meatshield

Elite-type Enemys can counter the Combo so better be careful , however if they’re reloading or tryin’ to throw a Grenade it’s save your Combo will work.

There’s two ways to do triple melee combo.

Hold B, B B
B, B hold B

If they are stunned by flashbang, mantle kicked, vaulted, yanked over cover, or stunned by class related cards, then you can just press B to easily execute.

The Infiltrator class can also simply press B to execute while in cloak ultimate.

Thank you this is it I think.