How do i unlock new characters?

Only interested in Gears 5 horde characters… I want to unlock Cole & Clayton for horde. Google says use Totems to unlock, google also says Totems have now been removed… So real simple, how do I get new characters without spending real money?

You earn Gears coins from the Tour of Duty by completing challenges, ranking up in Ranked VS, and from Escape leaderboard rewards.

You just have to purchase a skin of Cole or Clayton from the store using Gears coins, and you have unlocked those characters for Horde.



I already had them unlocked so I was wondering. Does it matter “which” skin? My nephew was unlocking Cole Train and I told him to get the default skin just to be safe. When the game launched TC did kinda scam some people with skins. There was something about if you bought the rev-9 skin you couldn’t use it unless you bought the terminator first. So some people bought a skin they couldn’t use.

From OP4 you can use the skin without owning the character.
Jinn still isn’t available as a base character but her Jinn-Bot skin is.