How do i turn off text to speech/speech to text!

It’s infuriating, ever since Operation 3 launched i can’t turn off text to speech or speech to text.

Everytime a duplicate character enters Horde or Escape i get this moron talking, the option is turned off in the settings and has never been turned on and i’ve restarted my console and it WILL NOT turn off.

It’s driving me mad.


It doesn’t seem like a Xbox thing since it only goes off with duplicate characters and nothing else

But how do i stop it, please impart your wisdom on me @ll_R_E_D_l . Either i join Horde and Escape lobbies on mute or uninstall this game, it’s annoying as hell. Probably another little glitch thats slipped under TC radar.

Well it seems like I cannot play as a duplicate character when I join Horde matches in progress. But others can! Why!! I must start a new thread to complain!!!


I think they did it deliberately


I truly don’t know. It is so annoying. Probably something that was enabled by mistake by TC


I can do nothing but sigh.

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I thought it was just me and somehow i mustve done something to activate it but no its just the devs lol