How do I link my account to my Twitter?

Tryna complete these quests for some free skins but can’t figure out how to link my Twitter to help complete the retweets

you need to link your account to twitch

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In your settings on Twitch , you have the option to connect your Twitch channel to your Twitter account. Then, whenever you go Live, Twitter will take the current title of your stream and tweet it out automatically.

there is also a spot to connect to GEARS OF WAR down a bit , i hope this helps

Theres a tab next to the Quests tab that says Twitter right? Tab over there, click the retweet symbol, a popup window should come up to login to Twitter or link accounts. Close the window, check your quest tab. The requirement should be completed and you didn’t need to do anything.

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Are you sure this answers his question?

You don’t actually have to have a Twitter account to get the skins and such. just click the retweet button and it counts lol