How do I get the rewards in the weekly hive?

I just complete the Wanderer hive on Beginner, but I didn’t get the 500 coins reward? What exactly do I need to do to get it?

Check out the time requirement, maybe you’re not able to reach the requirement.

How would I reach the requirement? It says 27. I’m guessing that’s 27 minutes? I’m pretty sure I’m beating it in that time.

Beginner starts with a time penalty of 30 minutes.

This thread may help give you some insight into the scoring system :slight_smile: )

On Master there are no time penalties and you start on 00:00:00. All COG tags deduct 300 seconds / 5 minutes from your time.

On Inconceivable you start with a 6 minute penalty and COG tags are worth 240 seconds / 4 minutes.

On Insane you start with a 12 minute penalty and COG tags are worth 180 seconds / 3 minutes.

Etc etc. The increments aren’t consistent though so it’s not 6 minute start penalties per difficulty dropped at a time, on lower difficulties they are less. As mentioned on Beginner there is a 30 minute time penalty.

Kills and how you kill enemies also gives you points. Some enemies are worth more than others. A Salvo Scion for example is worth the most points out of all of the Scion variants; and Hunter Elite’s are worth more than all other types of Drone-class enemies, as an example.

Marking enemies before they are killed gives you more points.

Executions also give more points (although chainsaw and retro charge kills aren’t coded to give the execution points - it just counts as a normal kill).

But broadly speaking the biggest way to get points is active reload headshots.

Using Score Boost cards also helps too.

And there is a time penalty per player who dies and doesn’t make it out of the hive. I believe it’s 5 minutes. I don’t think this changes based on difficulty. This only applies to the act leading up to the helipad though. If a player dies in act 1 but respawns in the saferoom checkpoint then there is no penalty. If a player dies but reappears in a Swarm pod and is freed, then no time penalty occurs. It’s only for players who don’t Escape the Hive. Note that there is no penalty if you decide to complete a hive with fewer than 3 players. So if you did it solo the game wouldn’t calculate it as though you lost two team mates.


They solved the problem. Hope it helps.