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How do I enable aim assist

So I smoke a little before I started playing and now I don’t remember but I swear I recall Sig adoption asked if I wanted to use Abus this tonight and I said no but now I want to try to enable it when I Googled how it seems to me that everyone is saying that aim assist is on by default and you can’t really turn it off however I don’t seem to have it I can’t pop shot with the shotgun whatever I use it it doesn’t move the cursor at all I know aim assist is that used to do it in Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto and stuff it’s like a mini Aimbot it doesn’t do it for me at all in this game any help

GTA and RDR have aim-lock. Gears does not.

In Gears, your crosshair slows slightly when an enemy is targeted, along with some other assists. It’s not suposed to be very noticeable.

There is a target lock option in the accessibility menu but I think it only works in PvE modes (campaign, horde, escape) and only on beginner difficulty.


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Haven’t tried weed with Gears, just Beers of War…

…Speaking of, could we have Blitz Mode back?

I smoked before I wrote this post and now I don’t remember the solution, or even the problem you are having.

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