How do I build Gears-compatible PC?

I am about to upgrade my PC and thought I might as well make it so that I can play Gears 4 and the next Gears too. However, I know the game is plagued with issues on PC.

Can you tell me, are there certain things that I should watch out for when selecting PC components? I’ll be building it myself and I’d like to know where the game has gone wrong, PC-wise, so that I’ll be able to play it with minimal issues.


10 series Nvidia cards need drivers from last June to work properly. Also need to disable an auto update setting in windows. That being said they are powerful cards.

I have been building PC’s for well over a decade as a hobby, and can help you if you would like.


Get an AMD video card and you won’t have any of the PC crashing issues. Nothing else to really keep in mind.

But I recommend not having Gears in mind while building and just getting the best video card for the price. Gears will eventually be fixed on Nvidia cards and you can always downgrade drivers if you really want to play Gears without crashing.


Okay so what I am gonna suggest might not be possible due to how much the AMD cards are now, thanks to bitcoin n what not, but…

Honestly I am running a Core i5 3470 from like 7 years ago, 16gb RAM which 8 would probably do, running an AMD RX580 4Gb at 1080p I get about 120fps easy

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I use a GTX1080 that i got back in October or November and I’ve used the most recent Nvidia drivers and most recent version of Windows 10 and i haven’t had any issues with freezing sense then

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Sincere thanks for the help, everyone.
Ghost, I’ll take you up on that if you don’t mind. I’ve got one main concern, which is that it would be on 24/7 and I want something that has good efficiency or power management options. I’m not sure what’s out there right now that helps with this. During the day, I’d be answering business emails with it, then gaming at night.

My last half dozen PCs, I built with AMD processors but haven’t done serious gaming so I don’t know which platform to run with. Stability and energy efficiency are going to be a priority. I’d like it to be able to run the next Gears game smoothly so whatever you think I’d need for that.


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I recommend firstly working out a budget. (If I use acronyms you don’t know let me know, I am going to assume you have a reasonable knowledge of PC parts).

That way you can see what to target. Not much point purchasing a super expensive graphics card if you only have a 1080P 60Hz monitor for example.

For gaming I recommend having at least a SSD for Windows and a few games, and then a larger HDD for storage.

To work out value for money, there are websites where you can look at various CPUs and how they perform relative to each other. The same is true for GPUs. You can also check your components and see how much power they will draw and plan a PSU accordingly.

Intel and Nvidia are winning in the highest categories, but depending on your budget AMD may be a better idea.

Given you are focusing on reliability and power efficiency, I recommend not bothering with RGB (coloured and glowing) components.

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Here’s my exact system specs. I have minimal issues. Every now and again it’ll freeze up (maybe 1 in 20 or 30 matches)

I also fall victim to whatever bug it is that when you are in a party and happen to alt-tab or the game minimizes for any reason, you are booted to main menu of game. This only happens to me in a party… not solo.

Gameplay is pretty good at near ultra or higher for everything and I generally pull 144fps if I’m facing a wall on my lonesome… but realistically more like 85 - 125 fps during actual gameplay.

I built this in late 2016.

CPU: Intel i5-6600k CPU @ 3.50GHz
Memory: 16 GB Ram Corsair Vengeance DDr4
Motherboard: ASUS LGA1151 H170 Pro
OS: WIN10 Home edition - fully updated and latest drivers
GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G (Fully updated to latest drivers)
Power: EVGA SuperNova 650w GS Gold
Monitors: Old ASUS VK248H 60hz and newer ASUS VG27BQ 144hz is what I play on

Mouse: Logitech G502
Keyboard: Logitech G910

I forgot to add in my HD’s

HD: 2 500gb SSD and a single 1 20gb SSD. Windows and Gears are both eating the 120 SSD on my C: drive. I wanted to add in case this is some key to it not being a buggy mess as many with Nvidia cards have described.

Edit 2: I also forgot to say the total price for this was right around the 1200 mark I think at the time. So you could build something similar if not upgraded some (Mobo, CPU,) for probably around 1k or under.


Can confirm… my ASUS motherboard and Corsair RAM LED lights, does not provide me any sweet awesomesauce. I shut them off.

Every time I saw them it reminded me of that Simpson’s episode where the car salesmen upsells the bullet holes in the hood of a car as ‘speed holes’.


Thanks a million guys! Very helpful.
Ghost, budget isn’t really a big issue. I’m against buying bleeding edge because of the depreciation. I feel that’s wasteful. But, I’m OK spending $1,200 in parts on this. Since it’ll also be used for business it’s a write-off. I just want a system that will efficiently run this and the next Gears game at 120fps/1080p (assuming the next is on way). I might not even play any other games on it so it doesn’t need to be a monster, but I don’t want to feel held back either since I already own a One X. My main thing is I hate thumb sticks and want to go keyboard/mouse without input lag.

For a monitor, I use a 55" LG OLED TV. I know what you’re thinking, but it has very low input lag (about 20ms @ 4k and HDR) and was rated best gaming TV of 2018 by several sites.

Going to go all SSD for noise and power reasons. Any advantage to putting windows on a separate drive?

The GPU is what really throws me as I usually build audio engineering PCs and never had to shop graphics.
Is there a low noise (no fan) option that’s competent? Any guidance in the GPU area is appreciated. Then, I can more easily pick a chip and mobo to go with it.

RAM; 2x8gig seems to be standard right now?

I already have quiet cases and specialized quiet fans. Will probably grab a high efficiency/silent PSU.

I’d like to get this going ASAP since I’m building a recording studio PC for a client and would like to do them both at once. I’m already filling up a cart at
Thx again.

Yes, definite advantage if you can afford having an SSD for windows, another SSD for gaming and other storage.

GPU, don’t get one with tons of fans. You will still definitely need at least one fan :stuck_out_tongue: I have a 680 back in the day that sounded like a jet engine. My current 1080 has no issues with noise. For your spec, having a 1070ti or 1080 would be more than enough to allow 120fps at 1080P for the next few years at Ultra at least. You can set max FPS in the game, which stops the system using more power, and creating more noise than if you left it to go at full throttle. I would work out which card you want thrn google which versions are the quietest.

I have a 32 GB rig, have tried with 16 and its still more than enough.

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Also for reference Gears 4 is currently 128GB on PC. Games like Shadow of War are around 150GB with the optional 4k textures if that gives you an indication of how much space you will need.

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Where we’re you when I was contemplating about deciding to get pc haha. Have to admit my pc is custom prebuilt which I got in October (now I realised should have done it myself).

This is my specs

CPU; Ryzen 1700x
RAM 16gb corsair
Gpu: evga ftw2 gtx 1080
Psu: evga 650w
Hdd 4 tb

Sorry, must have missed it!

Nothing wrong with getting prebuilt, especially if you get extended customer support/warranty.

Cheaper to do it yourself, but then you have to be your own tech support. Not for everyone, but can open your eyes to a whole new world (cue the Aladdin memes).

Certain computers you can’t upgrade the RAM to High. Check for compatibility for your current computer, before upgrading your ram

I have a HP All in One it says I can put 8GB of Ram max. I don’t know if it can go more,but I will only put 8GB just to be safe.

I don’t know what you are talking about here.

The OP is talking about building his own, not modifying a prebuilt and all in one PC. Very different beast.

This 1070ti seems to meet my needs for noise. Spending $500 on a graphics card makes me ill but do you think this is a smart investment for what I’m looking to do? I’d rather spend the money now than get something I’m going to be disappointed in and have to upgrade in a year.

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Sure is! Otherwise you will likely end up being a bit under what you want in a few years time and then having to fork out again.

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Yeah but my pc cost like 2K, but anyway yeah I got like 3 years insurance warranty, so I think Im fine for the time being.