i was near the end of a horde game and the BOTS lagged out! IM NOT KIDDING! was with my friends and the bots started acting funny. was just standing around not doing anything! then on wave 49 or 50 THEY LAGGED OUT!

Dear god when could the AI bots in horde have the ability to lag out im mean dear god THE BOTS! LAGGED!! OUT!!! has that happend to ANY one els!?


Xbl keeps timing out tonight so that might be why.

The bots Xbox live gold membership probably expired


That or that forgot to renew the gp membership

Cause not even a bot wants to pay the full 60 for gears 5

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They’ll get buggy when downed a lot or when there’s sires grabbing them. If you see them standing around not carrying a weapon, and on the match leaderboard shows the down arrow next to their name, usually they’ll ‘die’ at the end of the wave.

Sorry Op,I’ve not had this happen,Played a good few games thes3s past 4 weeks,I’ve had humans and bots,this was bots leaving,only for people to join,I’m hardwired and got my isp to look into my internet everything is good to go

Happens to me fairly regularly in Private matches, I haven’t noticed a pattern.
Bot just stops fighting and stands on one spot, then disappears between rounds.

Are you sure they did not go on strike. These things happen. I mean seriously, who treats the A.I. as decent team mates. I do not.
I would strike too, if i were them.
Keep an eye on this space, they might even switch sides. Oh, wait, they did once, in a game i was in, two of them were stood face to toe with a Swarmack, i am sure they were plotting the downfall of the Human race.

The amount of times I’ve started rushing to pick up a downed teammate in horde and then said “oh, it’s a bot”, then turned and ran back to cover must be in the thousands.

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I just use them as Decoys. Cheaper.

oh you mean when there “Down” feature and do nothing very rare. And I have seen it the game sometimes don’t respawn them if they die oddly

I had a couple of odd bot happenings recently whilst playing classic. In 1 game, a bot that died did not respawn on the next wave and when i hit the back button to see the scoreboard, the player slot was blank and presumably locked.
Another occurance i’ve seen a few times is bots not doing anything. Arms down by their sides, no weapons and just loitering. Maybe another dead bot that didn’t spawn back in properly

I have experienced the downed AI dying multiple times and it seems to infect the others so once it happens to one of them it starts happening to the other bots. I honestly don’t know what causes it other than them being downed by something first.

Hi Rattle, I’ve been playing a lot of solo Classic Horde lately with the 4 meatshields as teammates and have run into this bug a bunch of times From what I can tell, when the bot puts their arms down and doesn’t do anything, the game shows them as being DBNO. When the wave ends, they disappear from the game never to be replaced, which makes it even more difficult since you are down one decoy.

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Good to see you giving it a go :slight_smile:

You’ll have to let me know how you get on. I play solo a lot too. There aren’t that many custom games available sadly.

Seems to happen when they get downed by a Lambent explosion. They become “zombies” and then vanish next wave.


Damn guys even the bots don’t wanna play that god awful abominable excuse of a game lol .

It’s pretty fun and challenging and a lot closer to what originally got me into horde way back in the GOW2 days. I don’t enjoy the classes, abilities, fortifications, and other things that have been added over the years.

When playing with all 4 of my bot buddies, I gave up on Frenzy since multiple bosses is pretty tough with just them. On vanilla classic, the best I’ve done so far is a wave 13 fail on Master Blood Drive and a wave 28 fail on Insane Speyer.

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Good catch. Thinking back on it, every time I’ve run into this was on a Lambent wave

As far as i know they’ve removed the multiple bosses on Frenzy now though playing solo insane on Asylum last night i had 2 snatchers to deal with on wave 8 .With proper team mates that would have been managable but when Snatchers suck you in playing solo it’s an instant fail.

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