How did I miss the team animal skin

I’ve been watching and wasn’t given the option to claim it and now it’s gone.

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were you able to see the quest a lot of people were having problems

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It just kept buffering

try signing out and closing your browser then sign back in thats how i got mine to work

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Ok thanks

the sniper was just up for grabs hope you got,also the markza just popped up to stay tuned. so I hope that worked for you

I just got the longshot…but no hammerburst

yea that one disappeared for all of us I think

Got the markza too. Thanks for looking out I appreciate it

no problem

Team Animal Hammerburst is back but not up for claiming yet


It was the last skin given out. It was given during the final match. If you were watching the stream TC put out a notice that there was a problem with the rewards and a opportunity would still be given, so everyone could claim the skins. HOWEVER, YOU STILL NEED 2 HIT THE CLAIM TAB to be eligble.

It became available during the first Ghost match.