How did Fahz's accent pass testing?

The entire point of the UIR vs COG (Pendulum Wars) was a fictional war that provided context to the Gears of War universe prior to E-Day. It clearly borrowed heavily from the IRL Cold War. The COG is clearly the “West” and the UIR, complete with their Eastern European accents and Eastern European philosophy and lifestyles, are the “U.S.S.R.”. Look no further than Garon Paduk from Judgement.

This was understood in the original trilogy + Judgement, comics, book etc…until Gears 5. Here comes Fahz out of no where (who on earth is this guy? Did I hot my head on a rock and forget about his role in previous games?) talking like a complete Brit…accent, slang, etc.

Does The Coalition not employ a Lore Master like most AAA series to avoid such immersion breaking mistakes? All other characters with distinct accents, Bernie etc. are familiar yet not nation specific, until Fahz “You’re out of your league Bruv” Chutani.


You know Fahz wasn’t born and raised in Vasgar? I believe he said in the game he was born in Tyran which is basically the equivalent of England if I remember hence why he has the accent.


For a “community veteran” you should realize that Marcus and Anya are Tyran. They don’t sound like an over-the-top East London lad. He belongs no where in Sera. He exists solely to appeal to the IRL UK market.


Just remember it’s a game about a made up story …


Didn’t Sam have an British accent as well?




Title should be, How did this game pass testing? It’s like glitch-fest 2019


Thanks. So we are already all over the map with accents.

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Not only does Australian make more sense since she’s supposed to be an islander, but she didn’t use a ton of slang from there.

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You do realize there’s different parts of countries that have different accents, right? Texans sound like Texans yet they’re from America. Does everyone in America sound like a Texan? Who gives a piss what his accent is? Also thank you for calling out my veteran status for no reason. That apprently means I have 100% factual knowledge of the Gears Universe no questions asked.


So what’s your opinion on Mac’s accent, then? Or Dizzy’s. He has a pronounced southern American accent. Should all the accents be homogenised and neutral? By your logic, Dizzy also ‘belongs no where in Sera’

I am British and I couldn’t care less about what Fahz’s accent is. I also think the suggestion that he exists to appease the UK market is very questionable. There are more regional accents and dialects in the UK than just East London, much like there are different accents in the USA.

Also, if you’re going to use the Cold War as an example (which is a weak argument at best, since the Gears story is fictional), the ‘West’ as you put it did consist of more countries than just the USA.


That’s different, man. Epic made those games. They could do no wrong.

Adding on to what you said. Also the cogs are fascist if you think about it. That’s not America!

The OG star war is lossely related to WW2 in a way that the empire is the natzis however this is clearly loosely related and in should no way be taken literally in the universe we actually live in.

SERA is a different plant with much left undiscovered by us. It’s impossible to ask questions when the answers aren’t all there

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Because vasgar was only a UIR occupied teritory. Just because Padduk has a Russian like accent doesn’t mean that’s the entire governed body. They had several countries with them.
Also Tyran is just English. It’s the name of a state area in the COG governed assimilation of States and territories but it just means English speaking. A lot of documents in collectibles say -translated to Tyran.-
UIR consisted of several areas with different languages. The Vasgar area looks to be based of Indian or Arab cultures. Possibly some UK mixed in.

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There are way more important things to complain about. This isn’t one of them.


OP you do know Gears Of War takes place on a different planet. It’s not Earth so why would you assume Earth history, Geography, or Culture apply to the franchise. Stop letting a dumb thing like 1 character’s accent ruin your experience.


Also just to add that there are shitloads of accents across the UK. Even across London there are significant differences.

South London, West Country, Cockney, Scotland, Belfast, Derry, Geordie (Newcastle), Scousers (Liverpool), Manchester, Birmingham, North and South Wales, Posho upper class twits schooled at Eton College etc etc. It’s an auditory smorgasbord here!


I ■■■■■■■ hate Fahz and his stupid cockney accent, I mute voices because of him.


Wait so you’re telling me none of this actually happened in real life? I’ve been lied to! I’m uninstalling all the gears games right now.


Fahz’s parents likely would have spoken with an accent, being native Vasgari. He likely would have picked it up from them. Marcus and Anya, being native Tyran’s, obviously won’t sound the same.

Also, you know, Rahul Kohli is English and Fahz’s accent isn’t that far off from his.