How did aim assist get allowed in ranked playlists?

Well put. He seems extremely incompetent to be making a gears game. When the mechanics of the game start to mess with things like the cover system, you screwed up.


When I ask all of my Diamond 3-5 friends from Gears 4 what they think of Gears 5 the answer is generally the same - Dumpster Fire that promotes noob tactics and closes the skill gap.

When I talk to my friends who were Bronze-Gold in Gears 4 about Gears 5 it’s generally “best Gears ever, so damn good and I love it so much”

Says it all to me. I was a Diamond 4 in Gears 4 and think this game is trash in its current state.


More than a month into launch and people still think there’s “auto aim” in ranked.

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Likely using the incorrect term.

There is definitely an extreme version of aim assist though.


Auto aim, aim assist. You get the point. And if you haven’t noticed the “aim assist” you are blind. But just so people like you dont ruin my extremely valid point, I edited the post.


Yes, i have been saying that too!

Like I have said before, it is like a mandatory 5/10 car

If you had a 1/10 then you are happy, but you are not happy if you had a 10/10 car.

In order to make an “extremely valid point,” it helps to get the key terminology correct. “Auto aim” and “aim assist” are literally completely different gameplay mechanics. Normally I wouldn’t go out of my way to criticize minutia when, yes, I knew what you meant, but there has been so much confusion in the forums over aim assist, “auto aim,” bullet magnetism, hit boxes, barrel aiming, and everything else pertaining to shot registration that the conversation usually devolves into a muddled mess.

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Thanks for contributing. Glad you’re so smart.


I knew what that video was about and I knew basically what they were going to say so I never watched it before…I wish I still hadn’t because actually hearing them talk about how they don’t think they got anything wrong boils my blood.

I stopped playing sometime ago, but it’s clear they have a very specific vision for the game to go as far as acting like “nah we’re not gonna nerf it because it’s how we want it.”

I might dislike this MP, but I was planing to buy 6 for the single player. At the same time though I am also getting sick of developers acting like that. I understand you can’t give in to every crybaby, but some issues are too big to turn your nose up to.


I agree totally with you except I believe poor players are still getting smashed by good players because it’s even easier with aim assist to wreck all the casuals running about hard aiming etc. Most of the people the auto aim was supposed to help and attract have no doubt abandoned ranked pvp long ago after a few beatings. The long term players are now stuck with auto @im and ironically it’s the auto aim that may chase a lot of the hardcore fans away. If they betray the hardcore fan base too much then the coalition will be on thin ice. They should remove auto aim from ranked.


A toggle isn’t the answer. What a bunch of baboons. Lol.


I’m very much a silver player and me and my friends certainly don’t like the game as with past titles.

97% of the player base is silver with the terrible new ranking system. It took me so long just to get to gold. I get your point though, They betrayed their real fans.

I agree. You can tell this is the most noob-friendly Gears ever made, and coming from 4 it’s a huge letdown. Combining assists with actual kills that now show as “eliminations” reeks of pandering to millennials who get down on themselves if they see a negative KD. Lumping everything into one big number makes the fee fees nicer for them. And then you have EVERYONE playing Call Of Duty in Ranked, with nothing but Lancer-fest crossing going on nonstop because it’s so damn OP. I play it because it’s Gears and there’s still nothing else like it, but I have to say this is just barely one step better than the dookie-pie that was Judgement PvP.

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Yeah the op rifles and aim assist are in the game so newbie Nathan doesn’t get smashed every game against veteran vince and go running with his cash to a new game. What the coalition don’t realise is that newbie Nathan is still gonna get smashed and leave the game but on top of that a lot of veteran vinces are going to leave as well as the mechanics they have come to expect from gears has been de skilled quite a bit-in particular the gnasher and long shot.


Right. It couldn’t be that TC decided to try a different way of allocating kills and assists in a series with DBNO mechanics that inherently confuse kill/assist scoring. It’s pandering to “millennials.” :roll_eyes: Millennials or younger, btw, would make up probably 99% of the GOW audience going back to the very beginning of the franchise. The GOW fanbase has always been millennials.

Maybe, but the mid-late aughts millennials were definitely not as soft or easily broken as this new generation.

It’s not the One Problem in this Game, I have so many Friends in my list (Gears Player) and only a Hand full Play Gears while the Game is a fake This includes Aim Assist.

  • A lobby where Display all have Pings from 20 - 50 but all Sponging,Delay,lagging, over the map
    the ad is just for us to beautify it’s not real.

  • Noob Player to stroll over the map and kill you with ease.

  • Spawns in Koth is a Joke you conquer a Hill and the enemys become a reward an spawn in the next hill while you killed him in the old hill.

  • seperate kill and assist, when i shot one enemy down and a team mate steahl me the kill then it can count as my kill and him assist but not all is Elemination.

  • win game with 96 Eleminations and mvp and only for 40 points and de rank thats a joke.

  • where are the 60hz servers, i feel nothing .

there are still many punches but TC not heras us, no one will play the game unless something changes quickly.

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Gears of War has not been the same since CliffyB left and stopped working for EPIC, I mean he even created the 1st concept of Fortnite, the 2nd biggest game on the planet behind Minecraft.
Cliff Blazinski needs to come back for Gears of War 5 and do right by the community and save Gears.

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I am no vs player but combine SpongeBob’s, Aim assist, overpowered lancers, constant stacked teams etc and you get a game that really does test your patience