How did aim assist get allowed in ranked playlists?

I’ve been a huge fan of the Gears universe since the first one came out and I’ve enjoyed every game (except judgment ) including gears 5. However I’ve been playing multiplayer long enough now to re-up so I feel like my complaint is valid. How the hell did the Coalition okay allowing aim assist in any ranked versus playlist?

The arguement I’ve seen supporting it is “every game has aim assist, including the previous gears.” And while that may be true we can all agree in gears 5 it is extremely excessive. I have video proof me and a friend made testing the aim assist in a private playlist to prove it wasn’t just lag, and the evidence is staggering. There is examples of me getting sniper headshots while he is standing still and I am shooting clearly to the left of his head. I tested every weapon and the two that seem the worst are the markza and the lancer. How can a player who is standing still be hit by lancer bullets that are in some cases a good foot to the left of them?!? There is clips I’ve made where I am clearly in cover and somebody is hitting me by shooting directly next to the cover. When you start to mess with the cover system of a gears game, you are ruining that game.

Playing versus I can’t help but feel that The Coalition is trying to make gears 5 more easily playable to the newer gears players. Which is fine, but leave it in the social playlists, not ranked. They took away kills and now have a combination of kills and assists called “eliminations.” Really? You can’t get your own kills so they just get rid of that tab entirely to pad these newer players stats? Combining that with the fact that you dont even have to hit the enemy players with your shots anymore, just be in their general vicinity, is a gigantic middle finger to their true fan base. Which lets get real, in 3 months will be the only people playing this game anyways as the noobs will move on to the new call of duty.

I can’t be the only one noticing these traits to gears 5? Come on Coalition, get your crap together and make your game skill based again before you become another judgment.


Because TC wanted to remove the skill gap, so they could attract new players.

The problem is that no-one likes getting killed by opponents who have the computer aiming for them, regardless of your skill level. It’s annoying being killed by someone less skilled, because the computer corrected their total miss to body you.

So their master plan failed, and out of the 3 million players they had, I bet less than 8% are still playing.

Who are those 8%? You guessed it, the hardcore players who didn’t want that crap in ranked, with a tiny percentage being the new players who TC cares about more than the people who keep gears going, year in year out.


They have to be aware of the gigantic middle finger they’ve been giving to their true fans by trying to pander to the noobs who probably dont even play anymore anyways since Apex legends updated.

Keep that aim assist, eliminations tab crap to the social playlist.


The most recent thing I heard is that they don’t think they got it wrong.

Let me see if I can find it.


I am extremely curious to their response. Rod Ferguson has a habit of not owning up to their mistakes thus far.


I got you, bro.

This is their response. Feel free to get absolutely infuriated.

Start at 26 mins.

“Still no plan to nerf aim assist”


“We dont think we have” are you kidding me!?!? It is the most obvious thing ever. Just go play a private match in gears 5 and test the aim asisst and then go to gears 4 or gears 3 and do the same! The differences are ridiculous! Thanks for helping me get pissed off for the day! Haha


They ain’t fixing anything if they don’t think they got it wrong.

They clearly don’t play their own game, nor have they played gears 3 or 4.

They can’t see the difference between gears 4 and 5 for aim assist? They must be blind.

What an absolutely ridiculous response. What a joke.

Ryan Cleven (nodezero) needs to be fired, and someone sane needs putting in charge of multiplayer. He is absolutely clueless.

Don’t forget, this is the same genius who came up with the nonsensical ranking system too. He is literally ruining gears.

I don’t like singling people out, but he has made it clear to the world that he has no idea how gears should play


Better I could not put it.

They have ruined gears of war with gears 5…the versus at least wait no horde too

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Well put. He seems extremely incompetent to be making a gears game. When the mechanics of the game start to mess with things like the cover system, you screwed up.


When I ask all of my Diamond 3-5 friends from Gears 4 what they think of Gears 5 the answer is generally the same - Dumpster Fire that promotes noob tactics and closes the skill gap.

When I talk to my friends who were Bronze-Gold in Gears 4 about Gears 5 it’s generally “best Gears ever, so damn good and I love it so much”

Says it all to me. I was a Diamond 4 in Gears 4 and think this game is trash in its current state.


More than a month into launch and people still think there’s “auto aim” in ranked.

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Likely using the incorrect term.

There is definitely an extreme version of aim assist though.


Auto aim, aim assist. You get the point. And if you haven’t noticed the “aim assist” you are blind. But just so people like you dont ruin my extremely valid point, I edited the post.


Yes, i have been saying that too!

Like I have said before, it is like a mandatory 5/10 car

If you had a 1/10 then you are happy, but you are not happy if you had a 10/10 car.

In order to make an “extremely valid point,” it helps to get the key terminology correct. “Auto aim” and “aim assist” are literally completely different gameplay mechanics. Normally I wouldn’t go out of my way to criticize minutia when, yes, I knew what you meant, but there has been so much confusion in the forums over aim assist, “auto aim,” bullet magnetism, hit boxes, barrel aiming, and everything else pertaining to shot registration that the conversation usually devolves into a muddled mess.

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Thanks for contributing. Glad you’re so smart.


I knew what that video was about and I knew basically what they were going to say so I never watched it before…I wish I still hadn’t because actually hearing them talk about how they don’t think they got anything wrong boils my blood.

I stopped playing sometime ago, but it’s clear they have a very specific vision for the game to go as far as acting like “nah we’re not gonna nerf it because it’s how we want it.”

I might dislike this MP, but I was planing to buy 6 for the single player. At the same time though I am also getting sick of developers acting like that. I understand you can’t give in to every crybaby, but some issues are too big to turn your nose up to.