How common are disconnects in Horde?

I’m relatively new to horde mode. Didn’t play it much on Gears 4 but I’ve really taken a liking to it in Gears 5. I played all of Operation 1, skipped OP 2 and have hopped back on for OP3. But the one thing that really grinds me gears is the games keep getting disconnected and I don’t remember this being as frequent as it is now.

Has this issue been something that has always plagued horde?

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Yeah it was pretty bad at launch. Disconnected from every game within seconds of spawning in. They fixed it and it is not as bad as before but especially since quarantine started and the servers are under load it happens again.


Server gets bad every night when the new daily ops refresh.

It’s been pretty bad lately seemingly throughout the day. I’ve only managed 2 Horde games since Operation 3 dropped where the lobby hasn’t frazzled out and kicked everyone. Hard to tell if it was caused by anything specific. Sometimes it happens during a wave, other times it’s between waves.

Since the release of op 3 it seems like if your playing
on Pahanu or Canals you’re more likely to get kicked then any of the other Horde maps. Not sure if that’s a coincidence or not but am hoping we’ll get a fix soon enough. Thanks .

Does anybody know if TC adressed this Lag-out issue? Its getting really frustrating tryin to do a 50 and never know if the Match goin to be a full 50 or just a few Waves until everybody lags out.