How come you can only reroll one daily task and not three like before?

So it’s not easier to earn stars

We were never allowed to reroll three daily objectives per day. Not for free anyway. It’s always been one free one per day.


You must have spent iron to re roll them in the beginning.

First re roll is free. Second is 10 iron. Third is 20 iron. Not sure after that.

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OK I thought I remembered all three being refreshed i e when boost was on i could earn 18 stars in a day

When you re roll, only one gets refreshed.

You may have re rolled right when the timer reached zero and the new dailies popped up and that’s what you remember.

This is correct, and that changed from the start of OP2.

You remembered wrong, its way easier to get the new characters and tour now

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I did that thinking it was scrap at first lol.

It just increases by 10 continuously. The highest I seen was 50-60 I think (Really tired of waiting for General stars in OP2, so I just did some 8 challenges in a day).

I believe it caps off at 50 Scrap.

Edit: IRON, not scrap.

Does it? Well at least it’s not too gougy. Wanna play our game and feel like you’re earning something? 50 cents please.

Don’t you see? They give us an ENTIRE free re-roll. Such generosity.


50 IRON, not scrap.

Yes, Iron (the premium currency), not Scrap (the in-game one).

I’m not sure why I confused the two. My bad.

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No worries, seen a number of people do the same thing (with some spending iron on rerolls thinking it was scrap).

Yeah, it’s definitely an important distinction to make. Cheers.

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I feel no one can really complain about not reaching General anymore. Every new Operation TC has made it easier to get stars

Op 1 - boost double stars on saturdays only

Op 2 - Boost double stars every day

Op 3 - Get stars just for playing

The only excuse you have now is literally not playing the game


Join the club.

I spent like 200 iron re-rolling before I realized it wasn’t scrap. I’m sitting on over 5k scrap and I have no idea what to do with it.

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If your not a horde player theres really not much to do with it. There might be a few banners but the lack of supply content is another problem

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people have literally no excuse from OP 3 to not get General, Daily Tour objectives have been reworked supporting any PvE ,PVP gameplay,.

Your Active Tour Objectives gives you stars
Tour Medals (Basic,Weapons,Escape,Hivebusters.Horde,Heroes, etc)
You can reroll (1) Active Tour Objective for free daily

After playing first two days of OP3, I basically don’t even look at Active Tour Objectives , i just play towards Tour Medals and if i achieve an Active Tour Objective then i do since they are so generic now.