How come the COG Gear character has a name attached to it?

I know this is a nitpick100 but really, it bugs me.

When I want to play as a COG gear, I want to be a blank template.

Marcus, JD, Baird, Cole, Clayton etc… are all COG gears. They all have a unique look, yeah, but they are still COG gears. Then there is this “Vermelo/Casan”. That makes him/her a character, having a distinct name and a face, no different from the other 10 gears. To me, playing as a basic COG gear should be a completely blank slate for you to get that bit of immersion. The armor and helmet are supposed to obscure the finer details of who that particular gear is. Instead you are playing as another specific character with a name.

Nitpick over.

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You can get the CGO skin from the Store which is… Don’t remember the name but it’s basically an undead version of a CGO Gear. That one doesn’t have any name attached to it, lol.

This is a good point. But I do like having my meaty bits. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least it is only Casan who has got a very annoying laugh and not every female COG soldiers.

At least it is only Vermelo who has got a voice of a little kid and not every male COG soldiers.

Really wish they got a different voice for casan and the O.G. Cog Gear voice for vermelo