How come gears of war does have on mcc type set yet

I like known gears of wars mcc type remaster set yet fable has remasters tomb raider reboot has mass effect borderlands BioShock how gears of does remaster set this money to be made being miss out on guys I would buy it I am new gears of war brand and hard time finding all games I started with the gears 4 it remaster set like all other major brands on market


When Google translate doesn’t go so well


There seems to be no sign of punctuation anywhere.

Like c’mon man, your phone basically does it for you :joy:

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A non-English speaker called Jon Green (Wolf)? Reminds me of those scammers from overseas claiming to be called “Robert” or “David”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a great idea!! Its not like there have been loads of posts about a Fenix collection or anything c:


this is how u bypass “please post in English as per forum rules :nerd_face:

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I mean. Its the rules.

surely some bilingual fellas could step up 2 the job por que es muy importante para hablar en espanol tambien

I think they are asking why there is not a gears version of mcc.

This was asked at the time to the Director of Communications (not a low level worker, we’re talking senior executive position) and he replied with “Oh yeah, right, well, errr, it’s something we’d like to have but we don’t have the resources for that”.


We know lmao.

What are they asking again?

I think hes asking why people toast their pop tarts.

you don’t have to, right?


I dont personally. It’s a waste of time since it tastes good without it being warm. I toast every once in awhile though.

Healthy :relieved:

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I’m actually pretty healthy lol. I just have a sweet tooth.

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All because you’ve been following David’s workout plan.

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Yes :sunglasses:

But also because I love food. Everything is good to me so it’s easy for me to eat healthy.