How can you remove Execution game type from Gears of War?

Feel like gears was built on execution, but operation 5 has made it so the only game type me and my friends can even play together is King of the hill, which imo is a bit tiring but I understand has a large amount of players.

Most of us have been playing the gears franchise for 10+ years now I think, and when they took execution out of the cycle originally we made do with “grid iron” which is still not nearly as good as execution but at least was single life elimination.

In removing Execution from public playlists I feel the oldest of gears fans have been severely overlooked and even in a way insulted


I’m sorry but this has to end.
This obsession with keeping things the same has to go.
You aren’t being insulted.
The game mode simply can’t maintain the popularity or they would never cut it like that.
It isn’t as fun as it used to be before party chat IMO.

I do not mean to disrespect but you really can’t enjoy KOTH or TDM or Guardian?
I don’t get it.

I played execution during gears 1 but not being able to kill someone without running up to them simply promotes a ONE DIMENSIONAL gameplay style.
The game is already dominated by the gnasher.
It doesn’t need a rule to essential ensure it is the only way to kill someone other than a power weapon.

I admit it was very unique when Gears first came out.
However, I refuse to out play and out shoot someone, just to have to give up my advantage and make the same mistake my opponent just made to run out and over to them to kill them.

It completely destroys rifle gameplay.

I remember this debate about whether to use execution rules in TDM and annex?? or KOTH back in the day. It simply doesn’t play as well.

Maybe there is room for a one life game mode but I personally have zero interest in them.

I accept it in Battle Royal due to the size of the map and amount of players.
but in such a small game(map wise) with so few players I would rather just have respawning modes IMO.
Otherwise, the game is basically just a gnasherfest. Basically a sword fighting game with shotguns instead of swords to me lol (If that makes sense at all.)

Perhaps, If they made a big team game mode with objectives and more going on in the game then I would be interested but I simply can’t go back to that.


Ok while i agree saying things like “we’re being insulted” is a lil over dramatic he still makes fair points. Gears was built on one life and its not wrong for someone to not only prefer that style of play but expect it to be playable with matchmaking. I mean its a staple of the franchise. Hell its the ROOTS of the franchise. Sure not saying its gotta be the Almighty mode but at least add it in quickplay? I understand if there isnt enough population for a healthy ranked environment but they cant add a sinlge one life mode to matchmaking anywhere? Quickplay or not? Thats absurd.

Also telling him things like “you cant just enjoy other modes? I dont get it”
What if he cant? Then what? Then ■■■■ em i guess? Just bcuz u dont ‘get’ things in life doesnt mean they shouldnt be addressed. What an awful take.

And then you just go on to give your opinions on why you hate one life modes? Ok? So TC shouldnt add one life modes, not even in quickplay bcuz you dont like them? Nice.


I admit calling it an insult may be a bit dramatic, as they most likely didn’t do it intentionally to displease any of their own fan base but really?

I have nothing against the people that want to play KOTH or any other game type. Plenty of talented long time players that prefer it, All I’m trying to say is why shut the franchise off to players who have only ever played Execution or even Warzone for that matter?

Your take is basically saying “get with the times and get over it”… not only that but your arguments are clearly just your personal opinions about a game type you appear to not know much about.

Getting up close or using a power a weapon is not the only way to get a kill in Execution by the way…
you could trap a pair in cross fire and triple down them on pick up. or in gears one or the early gears two days you could even pistol headshot your downs from across the map and get your down that way.

Obviously you aren’t very familiar with competitive Execution gameplay, or you’d know these things.

Execution rules don’t just promote more shotgun battles, it promotes smart team play, coordinated weapon pick ups / pushes, and a far more intense overall gameplay in general. It being cut is actually why most people I know and have grown up playing with, quit playing gears all together. so you’re saying basically that all of us should just move on and play a new game type that to us, is not the gears we grew up playing at all?

kinda harsh, gotta say if TC’s shares that sentiment and really just leaves Execution and all single life game types out like this, As they already have, they will continue to lose some of the gears franchise oldest players.


Oh please can you drama queen anymore.
Me asking if he really couldn’t enjoy a single other game mode was a completely valid and NON Insulting question.
Also, I said I started playing gears with single life game modes.
This is why people don’t come here. You guys just love to fight and argue.
And NO IT SHOULDN’T be added in quick match… If it can’t support a healthy population.
That is absurd.
If it can’t support a healthy population then why waste another game mode on it?
Everything I said made logical sense.
Man, grow inside man

Triple down on a pickup Ahahahahahaha but that is the other way to get kills
Also, way to ignore that I said I played execution in gears 1 and 2.
You are very manipulative instead of just countering what I said.

I played gridiron. I found matches. All the time. Was it slower than koth? Yes. Was there some times like monday at 3am where u might not be able to get a game in your region? Yea. That doesnt mean there isnt enough population to leave a mode up on quickplay anyway. Just bcuz a ranked environment cant be maintained doesn’t mean there arnt enough people for quickplay. Dont play dumb and act like there isn’t enough people that like one life modes to leave a single one up. There is.

If your assumption is they took all one life modes out on account that there is absolutely not enough population then you’re wrong. In the new challenges with op5 they have multiple gridiron ones. Its either out for a rework or its out for now untill they decide what to do with one life modes. This isnt a permanent decision either way. Well in that a one life mode will be added back to either quickplay, ranked, or both. Just give TC a min to do whatever it is they are doing

And no everything you said definitely did not make logical sense . I already pointed out why one of your main points was awful.

“Why dont you just like something else. I like somehting esle. I dont get it”

Wow real logical stuff there bro. Jesus.

Now your other main point about if a mode isnt popular enough to maintain its own matchmaking then it should get the axe. Yea thats correct. But thats all you said that made sense. You also said stuff that makes no sense. And lot of opinions on why you don’t enjoy execution as if that has any bearing on them bringing it back or this topic whatsoever


I agree


It’s true. A lot of people stopped playing this game because of game modes and adding things like aim assist for kids who are trash at the game. The gears franchise in general has been going down hill since gears 4. Idk why they can’t just keep execution in the playlists. Makes no sense,


I definitely want to see exe or gridiron return to ranked


Single life modes simply aren’t popular anymore. Look at Gridiron. It was a very well designed mode IMO, and it couldn’t even last a few months.

Gamers these days just prefer modes that allow for multiple respawns and constant action.

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Execution should have a quickplay playlist. I mean tdm and koth get a ranked and a quickplay playlist and Execution is just removed? Thats BS!

Also I believe it failed to have a population in op4 because it was bundled in with other game modes. Stop having playlists with multiple modes.


They have to bring back execution. I dont know why any one would even argue against it, when the game modes you prefer are still an option. Execution to me is more strategic than running around cod style. I miss the chess like aspects of the single life elimination game types. And bring back dodgeball


Execution is why I started playing gears, the single life per round makes it more strategic and doesn’t spawn people behind you while you’re in a fight.


So The Coalition removed execution and forced us to play Gridiron. Now they removed Gridiron and now there’s not a single playlist that’s single life. Every Gears had at least one single life gametype. It’s what made Gears. Is it the most popular gametype today? No. People are gonna want koth gametypes and assist enabled settings cause they want the instant gratification of always respawning and having your aim assisted by the game like the dumb monkeys they are. At least keep one playlist that’s single life. If you play with 3 or more people then koth is your only option. Wtf is that. Gears online was the most popular when online required the most skill, keep that going for ■■■■■ sake.

I’m done buying your microtransactions/ iron packs of $50 and $100. I’m sure i have TCs attention now. Greedy scummy ■■■■■


EXACTLY, bring back execution or don’t, and watch me delete gears along with ultimate pass. Wtf is the point of paying for a gears of war title with out the gears of war experience ?

Does Call of duty delete search and destroy because more people are playing team death match ? No. They leave it up for the s&d fans ? How is this so complicated ? Give us gears, give us Execution, or watch your franchise turn into just another respawn quick shooter that requires zero train of thought zero skill.

This franchise isn’t gears with out Execution, its just another call of duty spin off ,gears was the last game to lower it self to the common denominator


I agree.

I was originally a warzone player & I loved having every detail of the game being critical.

Everybody has a style.

It’s not that king is “popular” it’s that they’re force feeding this mode down our throats.

It’s like that now… these dudes calling the shots are weird about us having fun on other ranked modes…


Not a fan of single life, dying and having to watch others play is beyond boring to me.
But even if it is unpopular I’m not sure why they would remove it, doesn’t seem like a lot of resources need to be used to keep it,


If anything, the respawn game modes lead to more gnasher mania. In Koth you will head on in to a 2v1 fight gnasher splashing. You got nothing to loose.

I’m a single life game, you might think twice. Sitting in spectate mode because you rushed a power weapon leaves a taste in your mouth… Or gives you a chance for a beer lol



When I first started warzone I’d die quick.

But it made me think about how I could be better as I watched those that were alive.

Slowly over time I got extremely good. I made sure to win my gnasher battles because I’d spectate if I didn’t.

I didn’t always win but the value of each shot is critical.

Now people just rush with no consequences or fear.

Two different worlds for sure.